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  1. We carry the ez-io gun. Carry the large adult and peds needles. For children our protocols are tibial tuberosity and adults always in the humeral head. The medical directors state there's some research that says stuff gets where it needs to go faster in the humerus.
  2. To become a preceptor or FTO at the service I work for is an individual choice that providers can make. No one is forced to take students, preceptors are paid extra while precepting and it is actually a several week class, with multiple letters of recomendation you have to get to be considered for the position. I think it works well and makes sure that when students are here to ride. They get some one that really wants to teach them and is going to be good at it.
  3. Just wondering, and I searched but couldn't find a topic (who knows maybe I just suck at searching haha.) what everyones call volume is like in the area they work, as in number of runs service wide,and number of runs your EMS unit does. In Indy there are approx 140,000 medical runs each year. I work on medic 11 we do 12 hour shifts, and average around 10-12runs a shift. putting us at about 6800 calls a year.
  4. Versed is the only benzo carried on our ambulances. We use it for both seizures and chemical restraint. Have seen it used dozens of times for both uses. It's very effective and fast acting whether administered IV IM or IN.
  5. also a nail chewer as bad as it is. It doesn't matter if it's an intense trauma or just a Dehydrated person. Whenever I spike an IV bag, I take the plastic cover off the Spike and chew on it the entire call. Spit it out in the trash as I get ready to exit the ambulance. Not sure Why I do that, just do haha.
  6. in the city where my full time EMS job is, the Indianapolis Fire Department responds with us on all A code calls. they carry an 02 bag with the standard equipment, an AED, and a trauma bag, on occasion the engine may have a medic on board and he supplements their equipment with a drug box that carries all the meds we have in marion county minus narcotics. Ladders carry the same equipment but also have C collars and a back board. on My volly Fire Department in rural indiana, our Grass Rig is also our Primary EMS truck. On it, we carry a backboard C-collars, a stocked 02 bag, a trauma ba
  7. we have 3.25 14g needles we use. we just keep them taped up on th wall above the airway seat for easy access when needed
  8. I used the cheapy ambulance stethoscopes for about two years and they were ok. But, I couldn't always hear a faint BP or eak pulse. So I recently upgraded to a Littman cardiology 3. got it for $90 from a friend who said it was two heavy for him. I can hear astronomically better with it, but I can also hear my partner murmuring to himself in the front seat of the truck haha. I'm quickly learning how to filter out background, and it has made hearing lung sounds and BP's so much easier. I also don't think its that heavy of a scope.
  9. doesnt want to go to work tomorrow

  10. omg....wow...that was hideous...
  11. Wish granted! You have won the tournament but due to the recession you now owe them $5000. I wish chat was still a free service
  12. Poof Granted, you know have a sunken john boat locked in the ice of antartica! i Wish i was president
  13. Most of our calls come in either real early Sunday morning(old people dont handle getting up for church well) or Saturday day or evening.
  14. Thats harsh Dust lol. But yeah, I wouldnt leave anything unlocked in a place like Buffalo.
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