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  1. ReD started a thread awhile back on "What do you carry in your pockets?" in equipment and I'm wondering what some one in a rural setting volunteering for their fire dept has to say with equipment and just the "uniform" or lack of it. I'm moving to a smallish city coming from a fairly rural place. I never actually got the chance to meet a EMT from where I'm from but after college i plan on being in another rural area. Just a guy thinking to far in advanced looking for a little advice lol Thanks
  2. Some friends of mine joined fire depts a few months ago. For being teenagers like me there pretty serious and dedicated about it already. One of them never seems to let his gear out of his sigh almost lol. While this wont even be a real concern of mine for months or years, they got me wondering about if a EMT carries their own kit for accidents the run into or beat the ambulance too. I'm sure after awhile the supplies(since not everything is reusable like a fireman) prices slowly start to add up. While it probably wont be too bad (considering) I'm kinda curious if you do get reimbursed.
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