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  1. I agree. I am not sure about how the ones where I get stationed will be. I'm not the most patient person, so waiting to find out where I will be, etc is killing me. Once I start I will update any info I can
  2. Thank you, and the one I used was manual, but im not sure where exactly I'll be stationed. Lol eh, we fit better into confided places I'm not sure if you work for amr, but if so, do you know when I find out my hours? I'm waiting on an email with orientation info, so I am completely in the dark about the next steps.
  3. Thank you, ill read it tonight after work:) Thank you, I am excited
  4. Haha, being short does have some advantages thank you so much! I start orientation on 9/11/17 for AMR Southwest in AZ
  5. I passed my PAT Friday! Thank you for the backbrace advice. I know this line of work is rough on the body. It is nice to know there are other successful horizontally challenged women out there in this field:)
  6. That would help a lot, thank you. I was able to initially unload the gurney so it seems to be a problem with lifting for me hopefully I find a gym out here that suits my needs. Ideally I would like to go to a fire fighter academy type facility, like the great ape- but you have to be invited -.- I have not yet gotten a call with a date to retest. Once finals are done next week all of my energy is going into training. Thankfully the group I tested with (separately of course) were very supportive after seeing me complete the other tasks.
  7. For clarification, a patient whiplashed me against a bed lol. After re reading my post I figured specification was required
  8. I am planning on seeing a Trainer four times a week starting in two days. I am still technically healing from a knee dislocation (10 months ago) due to patient battery. :/ I want to be able to be productive on a rig. Any training to pass this and gain insight on handling equipment at my height is my goal. I was able to unload the weight on the gurney and hold it for 5 seconds no problem. Lifting it up seems more quad related which may be why I struggled. Thank you for your advice
  9. I am allowed to, I'm trying to figure out what work outs, other than just bench pressing, I can do to improve my quality for the PAT and reality. The weight is not bad until I get to my shoulders with the gurney.
  10. Hi everyone, I just want some tips other than continue working out. I am a semi-new EMT and just did my AMR PAT. I got through all of it easily until I had to reload the 165 lb stretcher. To get it in I have to lift above my shoulders or get some extra strength. For reference, I am 5 foot 1" and 108 lbs. I will retest when I am scheduled but would appreciate some tips. Thank you.
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