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  1. Thanks everyone and RUFF I haven't been able to find to much besides what you gave me, I'll probably just do the basic and see if I like the instructors and teaching style. From my impressions going there a few times it seems like a pretty good school . I will most likely give the paramedic school a shot, they have some good success rates with previous students .
  2. Hello just recently joined, starting my emt basic course next month then hopefully onto paramedic. I'm from Kentucky currently working as a physical therapy technician for the past couple years. I was in the army for four years with one combat tour to Afghanistan, That's where I saw a lot of medics in action and it sparked a fire in me. Looking forward to starting this journey.
  3. Has anyone attended or know anything about EMTPKY located in Lexington? I'm starting my basic course there next month, it's 4 months long just wondering if anyone has been there for the 9 month paramedic course. what was your experience like and did you find that length long enough to be confident in the field. Thank you in advance
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