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  1. tcripp, thats how my medic class was. They did not go back over EMT-B material. other than skills refresher and how they blended in to medic but thats about it. As far as nursing programs, our local program does require CNA at a minimum for both ADN and LPN. I think it is a requirement of the state. BlackBelt, Your best bet, since you live in a college town is to go speak to a counselor at the college and find out what the requirements are. get all the requirements for everything your interested in and take that information go home and think about it. weigh the pro's and con's
  2. I agree with you Dwayne, wayyyyyy to many old fat guys like us in EMS as a whole not just on here. There are a couple hybrid classes like that here in Kansas as well as distance learning programs as well. They have had mixed success both with pass rates as well as quality of the medic produced. I have personally precepted for one program that I will never precept for again. EMTchick, Good luck read and be active in the forums. Ask questions as often as you need, Remember there are no stupid questions. You will get out of your program exactly what you put in to it. As with most all o
  3. that sounds awesome and would also be good for ER staff as well. I wish i could go. I am due for an interview during that time.
  4. Well hell, For 5 yrs I worked our local dirt track and was introduced to new racers to out track as the "Race Medic" When I first joined the site in '04 i was still working the track so it used it. Been that way ever since. Though now i pretty well go by Race even in my personal life. The name has stuck and kinda evolved it to what it is. On a side note i have not worked a race 5yrs... Im now in critical care transport and flight medicine. Race EDIT- the avatar is me working in the ER
  5. Absolutely Richard, I have suggested all of the academies to her, The object of my affection's daughter is planning to attend West Point. My daughter however is planning to follow the family tradition as closely as possible.We are a Marine family and since the Marines do not have a medical division, Navy will have to do! LOL... Race
  6. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... I LOVE IT !!!!!! Better than sending the Little sister along !!!! Agreed Dwayne, i have encouraged my daughter towards med school should she want to go in to health care. So far she is planning on going to the Naval Academy at Annapolis and letting the Navy pay for school ... I LOVE my daughter !!!!!
  7. Asys, I completely agree with you but with the saturation of cameras in everything and being everywhere it will never happen. The best thing you can do is to stabilize as quickly as possibly and get to the ambulance where you know you are in control of the entire situation from that time on. Race
  8. Why would you ask Ruff to go back and ask the same question again? He did as you asked as did i and the responses were the same. Do you even read the posts ? Race
  9. I am sure i have been recorded and will be more in the future. You can not stop it as there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in the public places, especially sporting events. Keep your head and do your job and your fine. Liberal use of blankets and sheets work very well for blocking the filming and also provides adequate coverage for exposing where your assessing. This isn't going to change and even the LEO's can not stop it from happening. Now once i am in my ambulance then i am in control and there will be no filming or pictures. Race
  10. Scrat, thats awesome !!!! I think i may have to update it as i am not old enough to have been in the rice patties outside Hanoi ... HAHAHAHA Not a lot to tell Bern. Sometimes a father just can not let go and she, they , you .. will have to wait until she is 18 or out on her own. I am sure he is having difficulty and thinks that the 20yr old instructor used his position to take advantage of his innocent little girl nothing will change that unless your instructor friend can convince the father in question that his intentions are honorable. Nothing you or anyone else can do except th
  11. Yes by all means I totally agree and my daughter shares your daughters concern/fears of what i will be willing to do if i do not like him ! LOL
  12. we tried that here the supervisors here would show up and photo the scene and take it to the hospital to show the doc. cameras were property of the service and only used for such ... but it quickly went away
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