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  1. you need to find the retina scanner... Im not coming back until you do...
  2. you can stop preaching as I sing, they even have fake milk. I hate that toxic shit from china. However the fake one sells for $3.25 + shipping on ebay. and the cheapest SAM is 11.00 shipped. figure its half price so being how you really don't want to wash them and roll them back up again, I can see how an agency would take the cost effective route. Im going to order a SAM SAM and see how that smells out of the package.
  3. MB, I know you view the world from your eyes, but I am not the same as you. I'm sure YOU wont have anything not in service, and that's fine. but I'm pretty sure that if you ask your head of Logistics or Operations Chief " Do you have anything no longer in service?" and he will say yes, take you somewhere in the back where you don't have access, scan his retina, and a door will open showing you all sorts of stuff they never threw away.
  4. So anyway, The package was shrink wrapped which was fine, but when it was opened, there was this chemical smell. Its pretty strong. no smell if the package wasn't opened. I find that the SAM sam blue and orange foam was slightly thicker, felt to be a better quality. my SAM sam sample has no bad smell, but it was an open-air sample I got off the table at the EMS expo in Vegas. so its possible that it aired out over time. I hung the non sam up near the vent, I'll see what happens. It was pretty strong when bent in a curve.
  5. "we were conversing happily enroute to the hospital." Was it something you said ?
  6. I'll include this then. geeze Bureau of Emergency Medical Services Central Office 875 Central Avenue Albany, NY 12206-1388 (518) 402-0996 (518) 402-0985 Fax
  7. well, broken handle is no way usable. no decent agency would use broken equipment. I wasn't insulted, but I thought it was strange to think an item like that would be in service. If I was not sure about something I would ask: Is that stair chair still in service ? and get an answer before asking : why haven't you taken it out of service ?
  8. hold on there on the theft of design thingy... I looked up Eveready, they are a supply place in Brooklyn. AKA Dixie EMS, www.dixieems.com I think these americans working there had to have been the ones who copied the design and ordered these non-sam sams. So either SAM isn't patented or their patent expired or this non sam sam is significantly different... CE Approved ISO 13485-2003 PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA The colors orange and blue for orthopedic splints are registered trademarks of SAM Medical Products; US Trademark Registration No. 3,720,814. They don't mention a paten
  9. Its not about feeling better, but about the betterment of EMS overall, one bit at a time. So I got my fake sam splints in today, made by Everready Frist Aid. UPC 610585816059 It lists on the package 8 attributes. #7 states: "The splint is radiolucent which enables limb to be x-rayed without removal of splint." I think that's a bold claim if it wasn't true...
  10. radiopaque = bad, can't see bones radiolucent = good, can see bones
  11. If Sam splints are just AL and foam, and the generic is AL and foam, I wonder what it could be that makes sam radiolucent and not the generic.. hmmm
  12. Hi, just that dickies makes ok pants..
  13. I like to be nice, i allow two family members to ride. One up front, one in captn chair. Once in a long while i might put one more on the bench using the strap as a seat belt.... But rarely. No papers needed.
  14. I hear that sometimes, but i still use the handles. I have one stairchair with a broken handle, rivet area cracked and the plastic grip slides off. Ferno washington model 40 iirc.. Sure grabbing the frame is most reliable, but it boils down to checking your equipment before use.
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