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  1. @paramedicmike Thank you for your honest opinion I definitely didn't think about it like that. You are definitely right it is new to me and the only EMS experience I have to go on so far is what I've heard from others and the ride along I did with my local FD. I am planning on becoming a volunteer to my local FD soon and I will all so have to do a working ride along with my local ambulance company and do a working shift at my local hospital so I will hopefully find out soon enough if I enjoy EMS (crossing my fingers because I love everything else about it so far). I definitely agree there are TONS of awesome toys and gear out there for EMS. I definitely think I may be getting caught in the shock and awe of things. So again I thank you for slowing my thought process down and making me think about my future purchases for this.
  2. @Codebre1984 ok thanks! I was looking at those and figured they'd be the way to go (can't go wrong with 5.11) @MariB Oh that makes sense.. Our class is just EMT we had a Pre-Req which as our EMR class that taught us all the healthcare CPR and first aid. We still weren't given any masks though LOL
  3. Hey all didn't really know where else to put this so if I am in the wrong place if the mods can please move it Ok so for my EMT class I need to wear dark navy blue EMT pants (part of our class uniform) so I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for a decent priced yet still good quality pair? I've checked amazon and a few other places but they tend to kind of have the same stuff but not sure of the brands. So I figured I'd ask the men and women who are in the field and use them now. All so I need to get a pocket mask so any info on the ones that are on amazon? I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to be top of the line but I at least want to make sure it's not gonna fall apart on me lol. Scott.
  4. Thanks guys! @Emergency laughter I mean about saying that I am BLS for health care certified. I had surfed this forum before and saw a few people had said the same thing and got ragged on for it so I just wanted to make sure I wasn't stepping on anyones toes and what not. I am definitely excited! I start class on tuesday and I can't wait to get into it!
  5. Hey all!! Like the title says just saying hi from northern California! My name is scott I am 20. I am currently enrolled in my local community colleges EMT program. Class starts 8/13 so needless to say I am extremely excited. I am currently certified for BLS for healthcare providers (pre-req for my class) I know for some of you that's probably not much and may even be an annoyance? My goal is to make my way through EMT-B and then go through the fire academy to become a FFEMT. I know that my education won't stop there though I hope to be a FF paramedic someday. My original plan for things was to be a Army combat medic but I'm DQed from the military (not for anything like crime or anything like that) so my next option was to become an EMT then I got talked into taking a ride along with my local FD and just absolutely loved it and everything they stand for. I never really knew or realized what the FD did I thought it was just helping with wrecks and fires but I was totally wrong! My main reason for joining this site is to be able to talk and learn from EMTs and Paramedics from around the country and to be able to ask tough questions I may not be able to get answered around where I live. All so to be able to discuss and bounce ideas off of other EMT students. -Scott
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