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  1. emt399

    Family Ride alongs?

    At this point, we don;t really have anything to replace it with, other than our procedures as to whom can and can;t ride, where they ride, and so forth.
  2. emt399

    Family Ride alongs?

    Thanks so much for everyone's response. We have decided to drop the release form from our procedure
  3. emt399

    Family Ride alongs?

    Agreed. We need to either get a release form, or drop the policy.
  4. emt399

    Family Ride alongs?

    Nothing has ever happened, and it has never been questioned. Someone (I think an overzealous city council member) mentioned it/asked if we had a policy, or a release. Our previously written procedures mentioned a release, but in 17 years, I have never seen or used such a thing. . Just thought I would put out some feelers. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Does anybody have a written policy and/or release for family members riding in the front of the ambulance with the driver? Currently for us, , it is up to the lead technician to say yay or nay, with no real guidelines. Most of the time this is for minors, but occasionally, it is requested by spouse of patient Thanks in advance
  6. emt399

    Tranexamic acid

    Just took in a seminar about this very subject. Was very interesting. Apparently, Tulsa Ok and Oklahoma city are now using txa prehospital. Here is the powerpooint presentation http://www.kemsa.org/sites/default/files/users/2/TXATRAUMALECTURE.pdf
  7. emt399

    Greetings from a new EMT in the SF Bay Area

    WElcome to the city
  8. Only if it is someone else's beer you are drinking!
  9. emt399


    Thanks so much. Good information to pass along to those making the buy decision!
  10. emt399


    Thanks, that was the response I expected to get. Our preference would be the ezio. What problems did you find with the BIG?
  11. emt399


    Greetings all, Our service is just now getting protocols for I/o. The question is, What do you use currently? What would you recommend> EZ IOs are quite expensive, and the BIG seems adequate. My preference would be the EZIO, but funding questions remain with our governing body. Is the BIG system really adequate? I DO NOT want to use COOK of Jamshidi needles manually. Thanks
  12. emt399

    Hello from Kansas

    No test for me. I had been an EMT I/D for probably 10 years or more. Took the transition course. Only test was the final exams for the course.
  13. emt399

    Recruiting volunteer FF/EMS

    Volunteer service here, covering a large area of about 200 square miles with a population of around the 1800 to 2000 mark. We get county subsidies as well as billing for runs. Works for us. All volunteer save one. Hard to get enough daytime help during the week. We would also like to here some recruiting ideas!
  14. emt399

    Hello from Kansas

    Another Kansan here. !5 year volunteer. went thru thechain. FR, emt-b, emt i/d, now aemt. what a long strange trip it's been