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  1. Good ways to kill patients funny if it wasn't.... 1: the person giving it 2: anyone else in attendance 3: the patient...... otherwise it would be hilarious to watch the antics when it all takes effect....
  2. Funny EMS Picts

    no clearly an oxygen thief......
  3. Funny EMS Picts

    Allergic to it?......check closely and you will find the person that told you that is probably an Oxygen thief Bushy.......
  4. Funny EMS Picts

    yr So what treatment does the Dr or paramedics give in an anaphylaxis stiuation? Seeing that she us allergic to the most common treatment...
  5. What do you do with psych patients?

    Ahhhh the ultimate form of restraint...was it you crash tackling or their AVO's...........;D
  6. What do you do with psych patients?

    you don't?.......what did they teach you at uni in Bathurst? better still didn't you listen when you visited us?......cheers bushman
  7. What do you do with psych patients?

    In bushys defence.........yep I am backing you on this in the great land of Oz...we as paramedics can and have legal right to restrain patients in 'our care' being with physical, chemical restaints or both. If the person is now ' compliant' ask them do they mind having them on for safety.....stating that the alternative is much worse...(a big cop sitting on them and being hand cuffed) if things go belly up.. if they are having an eipisode and require ambulance transport well then no issue...restain them then and there, or transport in the paddy waggon. Pateints in a physcosis or extreemly agitated state will not be all nice and easy and the paramount is MYPARTNER AND MY SAFETY... not the feelings of the supposed nutter in our care (term is tongue in cheek).
  8. the 9 things you never say to a patient

    "'s got me buggered.........." "Seeing you won't be using that "xxxxx" from now on, how much will you sell it for?........" "What do I do with little piece that is left?" "Do you think this will fit in that small size of an area?" When placing an IV..........."just a little prick with a needle..."............and most times it is
  9. Hi all

    Welcome ash, gods country down under here....just watch out for toto will you......
  10. thanks Kaisu You must have pretty thin skin All I said in my post was that I agreed with my mate from NZ I have no problem with anyone doing things to better themselves or for better patient outcomes....however as kiwi stated current standards state that unstable wide QRS get the electrical treatment. In no way do I think that paramedics that just "run on protocols alone" and either don't want to or refuse to further their outlook and understanding a detriment to our profession. At this current moment, the standing is electrical is used for unstable wide QRS....hanging around on scene doing things that are not required seems a little silly if you are talking about better patient outcomes. Also if you do this at a scene with a stable patient, and them take them to the hospital, what do you tell the doctor..."ahh we did this.....and we found the patient must have this........" what will most ER doctors think about you as a paramedic then.....that's his role for that ...think he might think this upstart paramedic might be over stepping the mark. Saying that I am all for further advancement of trading, skills and understanding of A&P
  11. Did that make you feel better kiwi?........:-)
  12. Have to agree with my mate from across the dutch....
  13. New EMT to the Forum!

    Awww, I could lower myself to have a beer with someone from across the dutch. Let us know I will even buy you one seeing that one NZed dollar is about .75 cents Aussie
  14. New EMT to the Forum!

    And not to mention he is from across the Dutch in NZed
  15. Would like to introduce myself :)

    welcome from down under..........enjoy your stay