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  1. All our venters get ETCO2, SPO2, 3 Lead, NIBP, and occasionally aIBP. It seems fishy though that soley the o2 would cause her to die in only 8 minutes, especially when the vent is still pulling in o2 from the room air. And our LTV1200's alarm to hell for any tiny little thing...
  2. Senior has a stroke while driving with her husband in the passenger seat, slams into guard rail, causing the vehicle to roll into a sport bike in the fast lane. How's that? Edit: Oh shit... Nice topic date >.< I really need to start checking the dates on the topics before replying! Stupid similar topics module xD
  3. Anyone here used the MiniMed 3 (Alaris MedSystem3) with a propofol drip? Whenever we use our pump and that drip, it seems to always have problems saying "Check drip side" like it's clogging or something? I'm not sure if our pump just sucks, or is propofol a hard med to drip because of the viscosity? Edit: Minimed III: http://www.foremostequipment.com/index.cgi?item=FE-457&q=Infusion%20Pump
  4. He started a digital intubation, went to a blade, then to fiber! Edit: Online stream for America, not sure if it works elsewhere: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/miami_medical/video/?pid=2mAdoV4Yg8jeKrLA6HGhOQCUU7LN_O0K&vs=homepage&play=true
  5. I wishh, EMT's could monitor SPO2 and ETCO2 as well... It'd be nice. That IS something we can fix most of the time. EDIT: HOLY CRAP.... This is why I don't like the Similar Topics at the bottom of the page... Old thread =/
  6. I'm GLAD it's back... It WAS entertaining!
  7. EMSTA is another good school. I'm currently in their program.
  8. *Shows price .25* You didn't put anything in! Puts a 20 in.
  9. I work for a private company, we hold backup 911 contract for Heartland Fire. And as far as pay for R/m they make minimum wage for EMTB.
  10. San Diego is an interesting city. 911 is handled ALS for every call. All City of San Diego fire is being handled by Rural/Metro. They are a third party company that are based out of fire departments, and run with FD. It's like a third party FD system. And then there are smaller cities like Santee, Lakeside, Oceanside, etc. where it is totally FD based, this grouping of FD based response in SD is called Heartland Fire. And yes kiwi, most of the rigs here are Red But Santee fire is white!
  11. Ticket for running code for a tib fib? What vehicle code were they breaking? And I have a partner that loves driving hella fast when we're running code... To me, the time you save running code isn't made in the speed traveling, it's getting through intersections and not having to wait as much. I also slow done for green lights at intersections, people do stupid things. And when I get to a jammed intersection, I go to second primary, which is a steady red + opticom flasher (Which doesn't work on half our intersections for some reason :/ ) and back yellow / red strobes. So they people up fro
  12. So tonight I was half crew, so dispatch had me running around doing lift assists and errands. One of the errands was driving 30 miles or so north to our North Base to pickup paperwork and bring it back down. Sounds easy enough right? So I'm driving a long, just get off the North I15 and merge onto the W78 I was in the slow lane just cruising a long as usual, and I see a car with its back end sticking out a little bit into the slow lane. I figured they broke down and just couldn't get all the way over, so I slow down and move over some to avoid hitting the person, and while doing th
  13. Major one -> http://forums.officer.com/
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