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  1. To answer the first question, I got my I through a County EMS Training Center in MD. I've considered enrolling in a B-P class, however my B-I class was a 9 month class with almost 980 hours of class w/ 200 clinical hours and was supposed to be followed up by a short 3 month I-P bridge that filled in the gaps...but it never happened because out of my 20 person B-I class only 9 people made it through to the last day, with myself and another person from my agency leaving the class with a grade average of 96% and the rest of the class barely passing with an average of 77%. Anyway, I'd like to t
  2. I don't know if this is the right category for this post but I'll give it a shot. I was wondering if anyone knew of any Intermediate - Paramedic bridge classes in the Washington, DC area and if so how long are they and how to get in touch with the coordinators. Thanks.
  3. thanks for the constructive answer i think that's like one decent response in two pages. maybe i'll convince my equipment supervisor to get one so i can play with it, we like new toys.
  4. huh...seems i asked a question about something and got a completely different response. so i'll ask again. has anyone seen or heard about the new KED? its by KED so its not the iron duck thing or anything its a new version of Kendrick's KED.. so to clarify i want to know about the NEW KED not about how you feel about its usefullness. thank you.
  5. I asked this in the chat and no one seemed to know what I was talking about....but I was talking to one of my buddies and he said that Kendrick redesigned his KED. Didn't believe him till our supervisor showed us a picture the new one. I can see some differences like the top chest strap is on its own flap and there seems to be another set of straps in the chest area of a the vest, but from the buckle position it doesn't seem to go across the chest. Anyone know what all the changes are, because I was told there are at least 10 changes to it and I can't tell what they are from the picture. Hopef
  6. i've used the berman and guedel in an ED...i always thought the berman was easier to suction around then the guedel...
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