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  1. Are you still alive?

  2. A few friends of mine had it quoted on Facebook. The Facebook reference says it's from the Toronto Paramedic Association. It's not on the webpage (that I can see), but if you go to that Facebook group you should be able to get a better link of the original source.
  3. June 26, 2010 Dear Mr. Smitherman; I was somewhat surprised as I read your recent comments with regards to a “Fire/ems” model of prehospital care. I must say that, in your previous role as Minister of Health, you won my respect. I admired the manner in which you arrived at difficult decisions using evidence and facts from a variety of sources. To read that you have based this service altering decision on an opinion piece developed by a special interest group such as the IAFC, without input from all participants, was disheartening, to say the least. I would respectfully offer the fo
  4. We had the ITD's removed from the car's months ago. We were involved in the study that docharris quoted and the doctors spoke to us often and we recieved feedback on individual cases. In general, the consensus was that while ROSC's increased, survival to discharge did not. Ergo, more money wasted on transports, ICU beds, etc without a meaningful result for patients returning home with a "quality of life".
  5. Oh hello... While not overly complex with regard to assessment and subsequent treatment, this is literally a one in a million patient that you likely will never see. Come with me my friends... You are called to the basement of a gym during a spinning class, where a 30'ish year old female is complaining of CP and SOB. As you roll your eyes and yet again think BS, further updates dance across your screen. The updates insist that (per caller) this is not a cardiac/pulmonary event and in fact this pt. has "stiff person syndrome" and requires versed to attenuate her circumstance. Hmmmmm, you
  6. I think the iPad is going to fail. It's too much of a niche market. Sure, you will always get the "gotta have it" people, and apple fan boys. But as for mainstream penetration, I don't think it will be the force that the iPod/iPhone is. It is simply not different enough, especially with the new iPhone that will likely be released soon after the iPad. The only way that I can see it becoming mainstream is if the 3G version can act as a phone (with BT or speaker phone only) and will be subsidized by providers. That and they probably should have had "Snow Leopard" and not the iPhone operating syst
  7. http://www.amazon.com/Timex-Ironman-50-Lap-Digital-T5E371/dp/B000936JLM The above is mine.
  8. Oh really? They are stating in the article that TORONTO FIRE is auscultating this patient's lungs? Really? Seriously? With what? Wow... Man...I'll comment more later.
  9. Probably around 10 or so, with a 60/40 split between dead and alive people (PAI). I hope medic82942003 is trolling or something, otherwise that is fucking brutal.
  10. I assume this is a copy/paste... When you reply, tell her she spelled her named differently at the beginning and end of the email. ... End your response with... I'm on to you, akflightmedic
  11. http://www.amazon.com/Tarascon-Pharmacopoeia-Classic-Shirt-Pocket-Pocket/dp/0763774391 All you really need. I also have an Iphone if need be, but for basic day to day, Tarascon is all I have used. I still have the 2008 version, time to get the new one.
  12. Third watch was the best/most realistic show on the EMS side that I have seen. I couldn't even get through the first 10 minutes of the "Trauma" series premier, and have not watched a single minute since. PS - Third watch is the also the only EMS/emergency service related show I have watched with any regularity.
  13. Ahem... Canada... That is all... It still amazes me the discussions that persist on the need of EMS education in the USA. These discussions don't happen in Ontario (and I would imagine the rest of Canada). You don't hear people trying to rationalize away the need for a 2 year college diploma to be BLS in Ontario. The need for a further 1-2 years to be ALS or critical care. You don't want to do the education? You aren't in EMS, period. There is NO ONE educated in Ontario in paramedicine in the last 10 y
  14. Agreed. I cannot recall one cardiac arrest that I have done that I actually saw a bystandard doing chest compressions. However, fear not! In Toronto you have a plethora of people willing to dial 911 for any number of perceived problems as they are driving by on the highway at 140km/h, rolling by on a streetcar, or viewing you for the 50th floor of their condo. Forget this whole jazz of actually approaching the person, asking if they need ANY help (let alone an ambulance, and staying with them should they need help. Nope you just have the self satisfaction and a story to tell your family
  15. For those who are unaware... https://roc.uwctc.org/tiki/tiki-index.php Huge prehospital research study that has been ongoing for a number of years. We were involved in all aspects, with the hypertonic saline trails being stopped earlier this year. I received notification that all ITD's are being removed by Nov. 6th, and to stop using the device effective immediately. Also analyze early vs. late is out, and monitors will be changed according soon. The study was stopped on Sunday. I was quite surprised, and so were the doctors judging by the memo that was sent out. Long story short is t
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