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  1. How did you get started in EMS and why? Do you regret it? And finally, do you observe any differences in the current generation of students coming out of school with their license? When I graduated high school my intent of a career path was pre-med, with an emphasis on Emergency medicine. I thought becoming an EMT would help me determine if that is what I really wanted to do. I joined out volunteer service in Minnesota, and changed from pre-med to Agricultural education... I know big change. This way I could still volunteer my time and teach agriculture classes which is my other passi
  2. It is a great profession to be in that is a truth. I finished my EMT when I was 18 just old enough to take the test and have not looked back since. The con where I live in a rural setting I know most of my pt's I come across, and sometimes that is very hard to deal with, but like some others have said it is that screwball attitude that get you by to the next call and knowing what you do truly does make a difference to that person and to the families. The hours sometimes are corky, you meet some of the most interesting people in the world, and you really get your eyes opened to what happens
  3. Shout out for a little help! I am looking for a place to take my EMT-P practicums. I have looked on the NREMT website and well there really isn't a whole lot of options here in Nebraska. Was wondering if anyone had a heads up on some practicum dates in either South Dakota, North Dakota, Neberaska, or Minnesota that are coming up... If so do you have the contact information. Any help would be great! Rachel K.
  4. Hey all out there in EMT City land. I am from a small town in Nebraska and of course being from a small town what are we always worried about recruiting. We are trying to look into starting what you would call an Explorer program. This would give those people out there that are of high school age or until 21 stated by our department the opportunity to experience what it is like being an EMT or a firefighter. My question to all of you out there is... does anyone have a program like this already started in your area and if so how or who can I get in contact with to see how they set it up and
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