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  1. Wanna know why it's called PMS? Because Mad Cow Disease was already taken!
  2. is gonna watch "Trauma" tonight. I'm two episodes behind.

  3. is gonna watch "Trauma" tonight. I'm two episodes behind.

  4. is gonna watch "Trauma" tonight. I'm two episodes behind.

  5. I'll be starting clinicals in a couple weeks and I imagine I'm going to be spending a lot of time on my feet. I was wondering what kind of footwear everyone is wearing while on duty. If you could list brand names and sources to buy I would appreciate it. I'm looking for a full or 3/4 cut boot style. Preesh!
  6. Thanks everyone. I got my cards finished (almost). I've found that as class has moved along, the list of meds that we need for any given topic has dwindled. The whole drug card exercise was beneficial though, as it helped narrow my focus during any given skill practice/assessment. FYI - We're using a McGraw/Hill book and I'M NOT A FAN!!!! We used a Brady book in my basic class and I liked their presentation of the material much better. This week and next are covering RSI and other airway management techniques.
  7. I am not... I use to run full time emt/ff in pa. Down here I was volunteer until my fire dept decided that major surgery isnt a good excuse to not show up on calls/meetings. So now I'm just taking it easy. I was in EMT-P class at RCCC but thanks to surgery... not anymore!!!

  8. Not working on a truck anywhere right now. I'm a full time BLS Instructor and I'm going to school two days a week to get my paramedic creds. Are you currently working in the field?

  9. Hey!! how are you?? Thanks for saying hi! Who do you run with?

  10. Hey Crispy! I just saw that you're in Monroe. I'm in Charlotte and thought I would say HI.....so......HI!!!

  11. Nope. Not a FF. But I do have the utmost respect for them. And as far as my intelligence goes, you don't know anything about me OR the limits of my intelligence. So I would say that by making that assumption, it is YOUR meantal capacity that we have truly exposed. And FWIW, I never felt challenged.
  12. For those of you who like to bash the FD, please send me your address. I'll come over, set your house on fire and then wait to see who you call. I guarantee it won't be EMS.
  13. Are you siting at work waiting on a call? Or are you at home after a loooong shift? Or is it your day off and you're just chillin at home? Just curious.
  14. Mateo, I haven't had time to do any practice problems with the formulas you provided, but thanks for the help. I'll let you know how it goes.
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