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  1. [/font:d58bbfb51d] I can't claim to have hit anything yet, but then again I wasn't able to drive prior to now. I could drive home from the Hospital or clinic, but not until recently was I able to start driving to the calls or with a pt in the back. Something to do with how the chief of services was a pain in the a**, Until I asked if he wanted our call's to go Mutual Aid because the crew was split between the scene and HQ; with me @ HQ and no other EMT calling in to respond as a driver. Recently, I did have to drive down one of those long windy driveways that only a small sedan should dr
  2. [/font:3820709433] I liked the first post. As for the song by Johnny Horton, I had that on cassette years back, it's a great song. Made me laugh at the Britts every time.
  3. [/font:d7437a9bfa] Some of the thing's that little kids say. :shock: And since this post isn't entirely EMS Related, I'll add: A school van driver is driving younger students home after school one day and at the last house the van driver notices a little cat in the yard. She say's to the student, "what's the cat's name?" The student gets a puzzled and confused look on her face. The van driver ask's, " don't you know your cat's name?" And the student think's for a moment before she replies, " No, Daddy just calls him A$$hole." So be careful what you say in front of younger children, b
  4. [/font:f8a5ff60fc] Those are some good ones, and I remembered one after reading those: you might work for rural EMS if: a dispatcher calls you up on your personal Cell and say's, "Saddle-up good buddy, there's one coming your way." just prior to sending out the tone.
  5. [/font:ed0e32f58b] There is always Rush Hour Traffic on I-95 in CT, but the traffic does calm down at night before entering New Haven, until like 0630-0700 when it picks back up again
  6. [/font:7f929ca59b] Dispatch: Rescue 8, 8-4, Medic 2 to respond to unconscious 19 y/o F pt. reported pt fainted and fell to floor. Two-Five Minutes later Dispatch: All responding units, caller requesting you stop coming, pt is alert and "fine", no need for any lights flashing or the siren today. Fire chief" On-Scene, pt stable, 8-4 and Medic 2 continue response, all rescue respond w/traffic" Turns out pt donated blood that afternoon and had only had "like two glasses of water" (per pt) the whole day, became light headed and fainted on the kitchen floor.
  7. [/font:f1186a1538] Did you get your wallet stollen through the same sceem each time? ... :shock:
  8. [/font:1a2c86cc19] My first call was in the wee hours of the morning for an elderly man diff breathing. Now I don't remember exactly, but this guy had his med list typed out, AND his med. history typed out all the way back to when he had his tonsols removed in grade school. (by the way, this guy was in his mid 90's) now, not many pt's have their med lists WRITTEN out let alone their med. history... so anyways, we arrived on-scene and prepared to transport when the medic arrived and "took over" pt care. I assisted the medic on the way to the hospital, and not much happened. (except we found wha
  9. [/font:da8c7e9c12] Nice Picture ... anyone notice how they taped crosses the stuffed animals throat??? :roll: ...
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