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Well, What Else Is There?

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I got my fire card in June of 1989, and my EMT-A in June of 1990. I got my medic card in June of 1996. I did 911 in various places until 2016, and then had to switch to the privates because I couldn't find a 911 position anymore. I was too old for the FD's, or the privates that did 911 paid squat.

I'll turn 60 in June. My back has finally decided that it only has a certain number of lifts into the back of the squad left. Unfortunately, I don't know what that number is. I've heard people talk about something along the lines of not letting their job identify who or what they are.

But what about us? What else is there to do? Teach? Easy, but the schools are already overflowing with instructors. Work in an ER?

I just got my social security statement. I have to work until I turn 67 to receive my maximum benefits. What do you do to keep the money flowing in to pay your bills these days?

Am I really something more that a medic?


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