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KED - Leg Straps

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So we have a student and we were going over the KED using the official equipment instructions for strapping. The instrcutions state that leg straps are to go under the leg, cross between the legs and attach in the female end on the opposite side. I was trained (and all the medics where I trained used) attaching on the SAME side. What were you folks trained to do/what do you do?

Please.... let's save the "KED is useless" comments. That's not the purpose of this.

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At one time, the manufacture recommended the "same side" with potential indications of a pelvis fracture. I personally prefer the same side method, as one I usually suspect pelvic fxr.s in high speed MVC's with lower extremities, and it appears more adventitious in ease and speed to apply as well.

R/r 911

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The manufacturer of the KED recommends crisscross normally, same side in groin injury and no leg straps in suspected pelvice #

So the question is, could a good lawyer nail someone for doing it same side with no contraindications to crisscross?

Just being paranoid

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I guess Rick Kendrick no longer makes the KED, it is now KEOD (Kendricks other Extrication Device) which to the eye looks very similar to the KED.. here is a link with the instructions. It too describes optional groin straps, then it contradicts itself that one should criss cross unless groin or pelvic injuries..?


As well, has anyone used the traction splint for arms?.. I have never seen or heard of such..

R/r 911

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Same side groin injury and I believe that they taught same side for everything when i first took KED 1985...

I will say that the KED is probably the MOST underutilized device on the ambulance.... it always amazes me that it was a 20, 30 or 40 minute extrication with multiple hurst tools and they did a great job chocking the car, cutting the car, covering the patient, but even with 44,5, r more EMT's medics, etc. no one thought "Hmm,, while they are cutting, I/we should get him in a KED so he is ready to be removed from the car.

IMHO, if the patient doesn't require rapid extrication, for decomp shock, or airway issues, and ESPECIALLY while the patient is trapped and you have plenty of time to put it in place then WHY NOT USE the K.E.D.

Just my 2 cents

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