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  1. All: We are pleased to announce that the CONTOMS program is celebrating its 25th year ... We have several basic classes that we are offering this year, and the spots are filling up fast. To view the contoms schedule and site training locations please visit our web site: www.nps.gov/uspp then click on the CONTOMS banner on the left side of the page.......
  2. do not bother with the parents, as the person is 19 and no longer a minor. Agree with the no driving portion as should a wreck occur, they will ask a lot of "what did you know when did you know it questions" As far as sending them home hard judegement call. Whoever said being an officer was going to be easy ? Thats why they pay you the big bucks, or at least let you have a cool title and extra gold on your collar. Whatever you decide, DOCUMENTATION is mandatory to protect against any lawsuit that may come later. Good luck
  3. Do not paint the entire department as uncaring unprofiessional ____________based on the actions of one person or based on one fouled up response. DC Fire/EMS has some of the best and most dedicated personnel in the country. Unfortunately for them, they have some managers or supervisors who make bad decisions..... but i caution everyone to wait for the dust to clear and read the entire final report on this incident before passing judgement. Remember, right now, the only story we know is the one being put out there by the NEWS MEDIA, in an attempt to boost their ratings and sell more papers, TV Commercials etc. Patience is thename of the game, but i will admit it does not read very well if what is being put out in open source is true.
  4. I refuse to get into a war with someone on the internet. When you register, you are told, DO NOT MAKE AIRLINE OR HOTEL RESERVATIONS, until you here back from the registrar. The problem we had was that the company that was managing our web site, True Research, went chapter 11, because of that we were forced to cancel the class. All persons who paid for the class were offered make up spots in the next class, but the poster, who lost money on airline reservations was obviously upset. I am sorry that happened, but I and more importantly the program had nothing to do with that. The company is very professional, and we have some of the best most experienced instructors in the world, unfortunately, we partnered with this group that went belly up, as did several other non-profit organizations.
  5. The next class is filling up fast, if you or your Dept. has about $900. to spare I highly recommend this class. The class dates are March 5-9, 2012 in Alexandria, VA.
  6. Hmmmm,,,, THANKLESS job .. I 100% agree..... I do think that anyone who walks around wanting people to "bow down" to them because they are in the Emergency Services profession, well, that person has some serious psychological problems, not to mention maybe some type of a PERSONALITY DISORDER. A co-worker of mine, Jim Thompson wrote this book several years ago. My guess is that the title of the book, kind of illustrates his frustrations with the life of an EMT. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Just-Say-Thank-You-James-Thompson-Paperback-2005-/341366168571 I read the book, and it has some good stories, but the best thing I can tell you is IMHO, it is not worth $10.00 let alone $18. I found it thru the lend and loan library AFTER A LOT OF SEARCHING....... THE USFA library in Emmitsburg had it.. As some other reviewers commented, it did make for some painful reading.
  7. I knew Rob for many years, only as "DUSTDEVIL". I always enjoyed my on line and pm conversations that we had together. Whether we were talking about military medicine, combat, tac medics or just regular EMS, I always found his comments insightful. He was a true EMS Professional who believed in trying to advance the EMS profession, and increase training and education for all providers. His presence on this site will be sorely missed........ R.I.P. DUSTDEVIL
  8. What do all married men who cheat have in common ??? They all think they will never get caught.....!!!!!! It is a dangerous game to play, especially nowadays with all the technology, and internet, and phones, etc. You use a hotel 40 miles away, and think you are good, until a neighbor happens to have car trouble and checks into the same hotel and catches you. Or you get a photo RADAR or red light ticket in an area you have no business being in, or there is a violent crime in the area where the hotel you use is, and the detectives review video surveilence and what to talk to you and your "wife" about what you saw, or whatever... Why not just marry the correct person and be happy. Or do not get married and play the field as much as you want.
  9. I stand corrected. Alexandria FD is EMS only. Did not know that. DC Fire used to have stand along EMS, but they no longer do. They are making all single role providers go to fire school.... And the IAFF marches on...
  10. OK, So Ive read all your posts, and I have to admit I'm a little LOST. Your are going to work for P.G. County Fire, yet you do not want to do firefighting ???? Hmmm... Let's just say that there are VERY FEW stand alone EMS ONLY Departments left in the DC/Baltimore Area. Career ones are even less. The following will require you to at least attend and complete basic fire school: DC Fire/EMS PG Fire/EMS Anne Arundel Co. Fire/EMS Fairfax Co. Fire/EMS Fairfax City Fire/EMS Alexandria Fire/EMS Arlington Co. Fire/EMS Baltimore County Fire/EMS Prince William Co. Fire/EMS (6 month academy) three of that I know do not require a full firefighting academy are: (paid) Charles County Emergency Services which provide EMS and ALS services as well as Haz-mat and tech. rescue Calvert ALS, which is the last all volunteer fly car medic unit in the Maryland and Saint Mary;s County ALS -which is also a volunteer ALS fly car system. PM me with further questions cause I worok in DC and I volunteer in both Calvert and AA Co.
  11. Yeah Doc, I think the OP took a powder on us.
  12. I posted this in the Training area, but figured I would link it here in case anyone is interested. http://www.emtcity.com/index.php/topic/20529-contoms-tactical-medic-class-2011-2012-dates/page__fromsearch__1
  13. First off, why did you leave ATC ??? Also, You are too old for Pararescue, i'm fairlyt certain the cutoff for the USAF is 29. If you meant civilian medevac units, there are not many opportunities for on Long Island. Nassau County use cops, who are medics, and Suffolk uses civilian crews out of Stonybrook, but the competition to get that job is 1,000 applicants for maybe one or two positions. Good luck to you anyway .
  14. Let me tell you a little story about someone who wanted to be a "SWAT Medic" since he was a little boy. He became an EMT in high school, and joined the local VFD. Then spent 3 years in the U.S. Navy as a Combat Corpsman attached to various Marine Infantry units. He also rode volunteer as as FF/Paramedic, and was a Fire LT. then Captain for 14 years. He then worked 10 years full time as a Paramedic, and LT in NYC. He left that job and went to work as a police officer. After 8 years full time as a cop, making many arrests and being involved in a bunch of high profile incidents, and still riding p/t to keep up his medic skills, the SWAT team invited him to join on as a tactical medic. So, that is the kind of road you have ahead of you. Remeber, when the bullets start flying, and the stuff is hitting the fan, the SWAT team you are with wants someone who has seen hundreds or thousadns of patients, and many many trauma patients. I was fortunate enough to ride in NYC fron the mid 1980's till the late 1990's, I worked in Harlem, the South Bronx, and Jamaica, where I saw hundreds for GSW's and traumas. This is what the SWAT team wants in a medic, a mature, provider with great skills and a deep deep knowledge base from which to draw on. Not some 19 year old right out of school. Good luck with your quest.
  15. Sadly there are no volunteers in DC anymore. The National Park Service does have a volunteer EMS bike team, and there are some volunteer Fire/Rescue/EMS units in MD, and VA, but they are all career, and supplemented by vollies. Where do you ride in NY ? And what is your goal ? Do you want to become a meidc ? do you see yourself as one day being in the field as a career, or do you just want to volly while you go to college ? This is the only 100% volunteer county left in the DC area, it is about 30-45 minutes drive south and east of DC. www.calvertfirerescueems.com
  16. The CONTOMS EMT-T provider course will be offering several classes for 2012 in the Washington, DC area. The dates are as follows: EMT-T #110 October 24-28, 2011 EMT-T #111 March 5-9, 2012 EMT-T #112 June 11-15 2012 EMT-T #113 October 15-19, 2012 A one day Medical Director course will be given on December 5, 2011. The M.D. course is a great overview for all physicians who are or might become Tactical Team Physicians, and we provide an overview of protocols, and concerns that relate to Tactical teams. the website is now back up. It is: www.nps.gov/uspp then click on CONTOMS to register. If anyone has any specific questions, please pm me or post them and I'll try to answer them.
  17. Fist of all, you would be coverd TEMS stands for Tactical Emergency Medical Support....... Not Service, because we support the team. A newer term coming into use now it TMP or TTP Tactical Medical or Team Provider. This helps eliminate confusion when you have an EMT in tactical gear wearing a patch that says "MEDIC" on it. The County and even most of the state that that I ride in, Maryland, refers to all ALS providers as "medics" so when we show up and get a brief from the "MEDIC" some do not even realize that person is an EMT-B. Secondly, in regard to the L word, Volunteers are considered "employees" and would be protected when they are riding or providing care to patients. The term "employee" does not in any way apply to only people who are being compensated for their work. This has been a long standing court decision, and there should be nothing to fear with regard to liability, IMHO. As for tactical medics carrying, I have been on teams where they carry,and teams where they do not, and there are arguments on both sides of the coin. If you are going to ask you team to arm you, or your team is thing about arming it's medics, then I think the team needs to have a sit down and discuss the pros and cons of it. My personal opinion is that I like the ability to defend myself, if I ever enter a hot zone and get dropped off, or split from the team. PS CONTOMS CLASSES are back up, next one starts Oct 24. 2011. I will post the new link in the Training section.
  18. If all you are doing is Reserve time and training you should be fine, it is when you try to balance full time work + reserve + medic school
  19. Amanda, Tell the truth, I'm a brand new EMT , looking for a break in my first job, bosses like total honesty. Besides, really what else do you have to tell them. I came out #1 in EMT school ... ? Good luck
  20. Sorry, I'm still not feeling it, blood spitter gets a mask, that was easy, as far as the A-flutter with that fast rate, I dunno what questions need to be asked.... except, are you dizzy, are you having chest pain, are you having trouble breathing ? Then simply move to treatment, cardizem, verapamil, maybe electrical therapy wehatever your local protocol allows. It just sounds to me that you need to learn some better interview skills. I have found that allowing a patient to talk and explain their history sometimes calms them and lets them feel that they are more connected and therfor involved in their treatment, I often allow patients to ramble on while I put them on O2, start their EKG monitoring, and get an IV established.. Why cant you just let the patient go while you get your basic critical care steps in place,,, then after everything is ready, you can start treatment... I'm sorry, your examples still do not hold water with me, If you have a combative violent patient spitting blood, you need to involve law enforcement...
  21. Nope, in VA you need Registry. I would do one of 2 things.... 1. Petition the course director to hold a NR test, or come to NYC. The other thing you can do is to move and then test in Richmond.... If you find yourself outsdie the 2 year window, take a VA. refresher that is NR approved, and then take the registry test afterwards. I tested in NYC for NR after taking a NYC refresher... The other thing is to get a hotel room in NYC and make a vacation weekend of the whole thing... good luck, let us know what you decide
  22. This was a Police Chief, who said this, not a Fire or EMS Chief.....
  23. Bieber, I'm still not following you, please post an example of where in order to provide good and rapid patient care, you need to be rude ... I'm at a loss for when that might occur, an example would help me understand your reasoning. thanks
  24. Thew bottom line is with regards to a shield in NYC. The NYC Administrative law can be used against you by any police officer who wantsa to lock you up for it. So, I ask the following question: 1. Is it worth it to potentially get hassled for having and or wearing a shield that you need to go out and buy yourself ??? 2. Why take the chance ???? I you want to treat yourself becasue you feel that becoming an EMT is an accomplishment, then i get it. Here are some good options: 1. Go out and treat yourself to a really nice jumpsuit that will keep you worm duringthose cold winter months when you run calls in the middle of the night. or 2. Go out an treat yourself to a really bright yellow relective EMS coat to really PROTECT you when running highway calls. You can feel free to plaster EMT patches all over it. good luck with ther whole shield thing. To quote a former Chief of my agency. "We do not have shields, we do not need them. Shields are something to hide behind. We have BADGES. Badge are a symbol of your authority and we wear ours proudly."
  25. First of all, Navy Corpsman is a generlaist catagory, for everyone from a guy who wokrs in the pharmacy, to a guy who does opthomology work (making glasses) to a guy who draws your blood for the physical exams.. There are MANY sub catagories of Corpsman. Training begins with A school, and the continues with your NEC (Naval Enlisted Classification) In my case, I was and 8404 Combat Corpsman, which is the designator for Corpsmaen attached to Marine Infantry units.... I attended about a 2-300 hour combat corpsman school where we learned everything from field santiation, to wound care and suturing, to I.V's to chest tubes, and the combat portion of it included weapons, and combat tactics. If you google Navy Corpsman there are many sub catagories. When I was in my unit allowed some corpsman to go to a full NREMT-P school, and they even let us refresh when necessary. But they were so short, that at times they would press Dental Technicians 8707 into service as corpsmen because there were so few 8404, but it think this has changed.
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