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Atlantic City Street Survival Seminar Dec 13-14

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Seminar Description:

Many of the people you care for are carrying hidden weapons that can be used against you. Alcohol, drugs, and many medical conditions cause violence. You've seen it. You've heard about it. Are you trained to deal with it?

SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR EMT CITY MEMBERS: EMT City members will receive a 15% discount on their Street Survival Seminar tuition. To secure your discount, please mention the code "SSSEMTC" if registering by phone or include it on your faxed, mailed or e-mailed registration. If registering on the Calibre Press Web site, please include this code in the "DISCOUNT CODE" section.

The world's best law enforcement trainers have teamed with the original creators of the EMS Street Survival Seminar to being you an expanded, updated and all new high impact training experience to teach you to identify danger cues and equip you with a survival mindset.

Throughout the course you will learn:

  • How to build a secret weapons search into your secondary exam.
  • Learn about the multitude of hidden weapons your patients may be carrying.
  • Special threats posed by gangs.
  • The dangers associated with "staging" for violent calls.
  • Restraint techniques that keep you and your patient from getting hurt.
  • How to read tattoos, graffiti, and other danger clues.
  • Emotional survival and the prevention of PTSD.
  • Dealing with the drunk, drugged, deranged patients.
  • Removing weapons of opportunity from yourself, partner, and ambulance.

To register, click the link below:


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that sounds awesome and would also be good for ER staff as well. I wish i could go. I am due for an interview during that time.

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