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Hey all! I've been charged with the task of researching and putting together cost analysis for my department regarding the replacement of IV pumps. We currently use the Siemens MiniMed III which at one time was somewhat of a standard in the EMS comminuty. Anyone who has used these pumps knows what a pain they can be. With that said the department is seeking something more streamlined, faster programming, more universal, and of course paramedic proof. Multiple pump channels is a must. Some interest has been expressed in using syring style pumps as well. I was hoping for a consensus of what your services use so I can get an idea and direction as to where the industry is going. Thanks for you time and I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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We were using the hospitals "extra" Braun Infusion pumps. They worked well, and easy to easy. But they were bulky for an ambulance. We recently upgraded to the Baxter AS50. They are amazing and super easy to use.

If you have a lot of pumps, I suggest you contact the company that made them and talk with a rep about trading them in for upgrades. If won't get you a lot, but it would help with the cost.

Everyone will have there preferences on what to use and what not to use like any other product. I have not used many pumps and I will not attempt to "use" one I am not familiar with. I suggest you contact manufacturers and get the reps to come out and demo what they have. See what works best for you.

here is a list of some pumps and approximate costs


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