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My name is Tim I have been an emt for a little over a year for a small town voley service in connecticut. Several months ago I decided that this is how I want to leave my mark on the world and got my emt-intermediate cert. On tues. Feb 17th I have an interview with amr hartford. Any tips, pointers, dos or donts as well as what to expect would be greatly appreciated. I was told by the hr rep that i would have to take a selection test what does that entail?



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The test has been changed recently so I can't be completely sure, but expect both written and practical sections. There will be stations much like national reg, and as I've heard the written test is similar as well. Don't freak yourself out though. If you have some experience and carry yourself well I'm sure you'll be fine. What time do they have you testing at?

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Poor AMR....lol

Tell them that you are a people person. That you like to organize group activities (union) and love reading

CT labour law. Plus, you look great on hidden cameras. =)

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Honestly, please find another company to work for. I worked for AMR for 12 years in Western Mass. The North East division is possibly the worst to work for. I was foolish enough to stay with them even though their "Labor Relations" exec Dave Banelli told me "I can tell you where to be and what to do. We own you," and the official stance was "We don't have to say thank you, you get a paycheck." Ct AMR was also recently caught filming and recording union negotiations.

AMR finally closed local operations here a little over a year ago. I work for another company now and can't believe the difference. I find myself saying "If I had only known.." all the time. I can honestly say I don't know anyone lower than a Manager that actually LIKES working for them, they tolerate it.

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