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    happy again

    aaaah loving the job area and people..........not missing some people others i am.............loving ems again!!!!!!!!!!! E.P.M.D.!!!!!!!!
  2. afib


    well moved.... lives goes on, people left behind..... like goes on, changed jobs..... life goes on, still have friends.... life goes on, thought some people were friends.....and not...life goes on.
  3. afib

    Catching Up...

    im standing in your corner dave
  4. afib

    eeeeeeeeyah ok

    some people have a big set of balls............... need a good slap upside the head
  5. gee let take a severly antiqued system and make it friggen obsolete....it was good in its time but this nonsense of hospital based medics....................say ahhhh buh bye! my .02 cents worth
  6. i think i smell laziness, someone wants a cushy job without having to work for the title..........ahh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhbul@!#$ excuse me i seems to have and allergy to bs! my .02 cents worth
  7. ruff, sitting on the combative pt i dont think is in the protocalls?????? is it????? lol
  8. brains doesnt dictate logic just cause it smells like a duck may look like a duck and quack like a duck that there cant be something else immatating it.......dig till ya cant dig no more......many of times i have question unrelentlessly and found that there be another version to it (one that did not want to be out) i cannot say as to what she did or did not ingest but all bases have to be covered. and why is it the little pains in the asses always change their damm story to the nurse from what they told you. god that burns my ass. my .02 cents worth
  9. afib

    I wish game.

    BAM !!! wish granted but now you have been hit by an anvil!! life isnt fair........... i wish for no wishes and have a normal sane life
  10. well golly gee wilikers.....does this me that the family is going to sue now?????? vehicular manslaughter?????? gee they would it was anyother friggen human being
  11. ok yes this subject and similiar subjects got hacked to death a while back to the point of near violence, this will be death of us.......we need to get away from fire.............we all need to be fire.....................loose the attitudes.................more money.............national unity of one way to operate and treat........ok fine yea yeah yeah. look we cant bitch at each other that gets us nowhere. WE NEED TO LET THE POLITICIANS KNOW WE ARE TIRED BROKE PISSED UPSET AND SICK OF ALL THIS NONSENSE. unless one of you have a better realistic idea...........REALISTIC I
  12. blood of cuchulainn - boondock saints
  13. afib

    evildaves picts

    picts of me and my collection
  14. im just wondering, people do things and say things and we sit there and say " well....he makes a good argument" horsehockey! someone screws up dont sugar coat it. they screwed up and actions need to be dealt with. i messed up and fessed up and got my slap upside my head (so to say) and carried on. been seeing people sit there and actually defend a stupid action. and there could have been serious injuries! wtf????? if your going to do something do not do it with a rolling billboard that will just get you bent over and reemed up the yahoo for it! be a little smarter for the lo
  15. ok lets not sugar coat this.............plain and simple what was done was STUPID plain and simple there is no arguing this......no debating it. they did not use proper judgement PERIOD! and actions need reactions....if nothing happends to them them they got lucky. maybe another time when the truck flips or someone gets hurt they will think about it....by then its too late. bad decision bad foresight poor judgement....stupid. terminate them. my .02 cents worth
  16. O.M.G. that link rocks. definitly fits my motto!!! god i needed that laugh.........wow i feel better. time to kill people again.
  17. ok 1. its calle a officers vehicle or a first responers vehicle 2. why does this behavior not surprise me. i used to live in nj and well this doesnt surprise me but, this i think will curb the behavior of stupidity. 3. what if the ambulance "caught a rut" and then tipped over or hit something, damage to the ambulance or worse. ONCE AGAIN BRAINS DOES NOT DICTATE LOGIC!!!!!!! 4. will the d.o.h. do anything....no, will the first grade council do anything, well if they were paid........no, and if they were volunteers... i doubt because of the brainless actions and lack of
  18. afib


    as a friend of mine has shown me, people are complete sexual dumbasses. one person breaks a glass jar or so in their ass (by accident with prob. resulted in a colostomy) and todays little submission of a sexy toy accident.........people are stupid. just when ya think one has seen it all. we find something new to screw this up. do we not use the grey matter that mother nature provided for you????? obviouslyfuckingnot! my .02 cents worth
  19. 1 statement that i use once again applies..............BRAINS DOES NOT DICTATE LOGIC!
  20. oiy k i ahve used the physio, and the mrx compliments of deathstar (medstar ft worth). the physio to me just seems to work better, the mrx just didnt do it for me i found my self saying "screw it" trying to get info inputed, the screen to me works better and just seems to be more "carry friendly" now thats not to say that ooooooooooh a 15 omg i have to have one..............NO! the 15 looks like a yuppy giddy version of a 12......so what ok not thrilled with the phillips the zoll left me lifeless lp 10 is a basic brick and the 11 is eh the 20 cute for the er
  21. ok thats exactly what spen said, i was just hired by amr dallas and you have to take a "placement exam" its mostly basic stuff, how to "crack a o2 tank" and things of that nature. pretty simple.
  22. long train a running - dooby brothers
  23. would l;ove to be there but stuck here in the south. when is it going to be here??????????
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