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How to parachute strap.

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No one here in LA's seem to have heard of it. We just do nylon straps with buckles in an X across the chest, one across at waist, one across at ankles. It's a JOKE...does NOT immobilize, unless you go super heaving with passing...even then not really. nothing to keep you from sliding down, only up.

All you have to do is that last strap differently and it's all good. I teach this method to every Basic class. Preferably above the kneecap, put the 9-foot strap through the handold, over both legs, and into the opposite handold. Cross back over both legs, around the feet, and back over to meet the buckle and tighten. The patient can now be stood feet down or head down and they WILL NOT MOVE.

It can be done below the knees for tall patients, but I prefer above as this will leave them incapable of bending their knees and therefore kicking out of the strap- great for combatives!


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I'm shocked to see people use 2 straps let alone this facy stuff in my poor urban ems system. You'd be happy to know to now that CIDS, or taping the CIDS is optional in patient packaging. The new method! Simply place the patientin whatever they are wearing (including a facy sunday hat) onto a lsb, secure with litter straps, put collar on patient and present as a trauma transport to the ER and you wonder where the systems reputation came from...

Have you been buffing EMS calls where I live??

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Looks pretty easy when the board is 3 inches off the surface and the patient follows instructions. I'd kill to see them try that on a patient in bed. Or mud. Or a combative.

Taking that off must be a blast too. They'd last about 10 seconds in our trauma rooms before the trauma team turned that webbing into confetti.

WTF is that CID anyway? That seems not at all better than using nothing.

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