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  1. If you have a chance to attend one of Bob Pages seminars, jump on it. You will learn what you need to know. You can check the website for dates. multileadmedic.com
  2. I thought all these volleys did it to help their fellow man? Now they are resigning over not being paid? Can we say HYPOCRITES!
  3. Well, if PD is on scene already, then they know what happened and it would not be leaving the scene, plus you have notified dispatch. Roll the window down and inform PD that you have a critical Pt and you will be back after you are done. As stated, if you get out an assess, you then have abandonment. Your first obligation is the pt in the back. Now, if there were serious injuries, then that may change the scenario.
  4. Did everyone fail reading comprehension in high school? Both Lonestar and Vent Posted the Mich State law on this. You are allowed to work, while in the 60 day grace period. So the person is doing no wrong, yet! The OP may have been wanting to do the right thing, but they need to know and understand the laws in the state they are working in first!
  5. I would think that hand placement would remain the same. Reversing the pad placement would be better, to ensure the electrical pathway remained the same. This is something you would need to bring up o a cardiologist!
  6. The Humerous should have been part of the training on the EZ-IO. It works extremely well. If the battery dies (highly unlikely), you can still insert the EZ needle manually like a regular IO.
  7. All that and still couldn't pass a simple test?
  8. Let's see, this might be hard! Gloves Partner O2 Ambulance(stocked) Cheetos Mt Dew
  9. A lot of systems are using it. I have never seen anything bad come from it. It does cut down of the number of L&S responses, so that is always a good thing. You still get the low level calls that slip through, due to "Just being careful" with the response. But , I see no cons to it.
  10. If someone ever decides to drop off a new car as a thank you, then my partner can suck eggs. It is all mine!!!
  11. I have used all kinds. I prefer the LP12 over the MRX, but that is my personal choice. Do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with the Phillips, I just like the LP better. I hate the Zolls with a passion! I really hated our old HP Code Master. That thing would read a NSR on the bench seat!
  12. Do you have PROOF of this statement? If a gas engine is properly maintained, there is no issue. The spark is a closed system and no chance of igniting outside the combustion chamber.
  13. These are simple answers to your questions. You can google diesel combustion process, if you want a more in depth read on the subject.
  14. As stated, If you don't like your services policies, then leave or fight to change it. I can see you as the type that takes out their frustrations on the pt?
  15. We used to use it in suspected spinal cord injuries. But, there is no evidence that it helped much, so they stopped using it for that. Like RR stated COPD and Asthma, it does excellent in reducing swelling. We use 125mg too.
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