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  1. No I haven't yet, that's my next move. I did a recert in ACLS last fall and don't remember ever hearing about it there.
  2. chbare, cannot find any place where it says anything about it. I've looked in circulation journal and can't find it. I asked if you could cite the info.
  3. Under the new AHA CPR guidelines, are they not recommending to confirm asystole in a second lead anymore? If you can site an article from AHA please do, thanks.
  4. The only thing I carry during a call is my stethoscope and a pair of exam gloves. I volunteer for my local EMS department and have a career position for a busy agency. With both I just have my stethoscope. Everything I need is in the ambulance or engine. I wear a duty uniform for both that they provided. When checking my unit at the beginning of my shift I know what and where everything is.
  5. That's tough, I'm sure you did all you could. Sometimes it out of our hands.
  6. I misread the way the glucose level was presented. I thought I read it at 38 mg/dl. Sorry.
  7. Once again, no need to be an ass. No I don't think it's a good idea to give a patient D50 with a glucose level of 684 mg/dl.
  8. I take that back. I failed to read how the glucose level was presented. I don't use the mmol/dl, sorry. no need to be an ass. I work and volunteer with agencies in two states that use D50. Sorry I don't live or work where they use 10% glucose.
  9. in the meantime, a competent provider should be able to start a line and give d50 in the time your volunteer technician can stick the LMA in there. If you are worried about her airway use BVM Give the d50, if you still have problems with airway then use your airway devices.
  10. Im my area if we suspect behavioral problem or psychotic event, we can give haloperidol 5mg, midazolam 2.5mg, benydryl 25mg. Mostly used in combative patients if we ruled out diabetic or other issue.
  11. Fix the sugar problem you wouldn't need to put in an advanced airway.
  12. Stay and play? I can't stand that term! What are we playing, doctors? If they want to go to the hospital, then great. I can assess and treat in the ambulance. The shorter the on scene time the better for me.
  13. I work for a department that has stations 5 minutes from hospital to about 30, and volunteer for a department that has an hour plus transport time. With both agencies I aim to keep scene time less than 10 minutes. It's just something I've always done since I've been in ems. It takes a short amount of time to gather the information needed to make a transport decision.
  14. OK now i'm really confused. What does RSI have to do with the original question about orthostatics for abdominal pain?
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