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  1. Thank you very much for the quick replies to my questions. However, I should clarify my earlier statement "busy station and like yours, cash poor” I did not mean to imply I am being asked to buy my own gear. The station ambulances / rigs are very well supplied, they are just very frugal with dollars. Several EMTs said I might want to buy my own Stethoscope, CPR mask, and shears, bandage cutters, etc. When I was at my first EMT class, I was amazed at the gear some of the other students brought with them. I thought to myself; “how do they run up stairs with all that stuff?” One of the senior guys at the station recommended this site and said a great place to start to learn. So I’m running with his suggestion. So I’ll ask an additional 2 question’s to my earlier one: What do you guys want to see from a new guy and what should I avoid?
  2. Good Morning, I'm starting EMT school. I've joined a volunteer fire department, I'm a just retired 54 old former executive who wants to start doing something that really matters for my community. It's a busy station and like yours; cash poor, so each medic buy's a lot of thier own stuff. I've been working out for a year; running & lifting, so I will not be a burden to the team. So; where do I start with personal gear. For example: What would you spend $$ for personal equipment to own? What type of bag should I really carry v. what the salesguy tells me to carry. Footwear & Pants, what holds up, comfortable, and is what you wear? What should I start with and what web-sites do you think sell quality and what are the quality gear companies? What questions should I ask?
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