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  1. used for most ped calls at 4:00am chief complaint is: MCS= Mommy Can't Sleep
  2. nice:: the first dog i owned when I was 21 is a great dane called Crack head So I would be Crackhead Taylor.........with a name like that I should not expect to become a headliner.
  3. See Maybe I am being a little bit of a jerk but why are you looking after a pt with only a cadet crew. As an adult if i was hurt and had the ability to speak I personally would wait for adult EMS before letting you guys touch me. you are kids. You cannot drive a car but you feel you should be allowed to deal with a fracture of a C1 at a motor cross without and adult to supervise? I totally disagree........ And that is coming from someone like you...I once (years ago) was a St. John Ambulance Cadet and at that age I thought the same as you "we should be allowed to do everything an adult ca
  4. you need to get a siren to and have the mounts on the top of the car to carry a rugged stretcher. also I would install a winch and ram bars at the front in case anyone is in your way while responding. also you should get the strobes that attach to your pov's side mirrors.. other than that is sounds awesome!!
  5. Being From Canada I have never come across this so I am asking.(do not take offense) I have been reading posts and i have seen multiple remarks made about kids riding the trucks in one way or another that are as young as 15 or 16....WHY? personally I think this would be a problem...you deal with alot of grown up and gruesome sights and nudity... how does this affect the kids? If i was hurt and needed help if i had a 16 year old EMT working on me I would be scared to death....now I am not saying all kids are stupid and cannot comprehend EMS training etc but I have never heard of this
  6. The lasix thing was not cool by any means.. Just FYI My partner is my best Friend and he is married to my sister. he had been my best friends since the 5th grade. the calls to his wife (my sister) was in retaliation of him sending out wedding invitations to my friends and co workers for the wedding of myself and Richard Simmons.. It was a personal ball busting this..I do not do this to everyone I work with.. All I was saying was people should be able to have fun and watch lethal weapon movies without fear of legal reprecussuions of someone that is not even involved. Walrus p.s. he has
  7. you have never pulled practical jokes at the station on your friends or called him gay?? it is busting balls that is all....now mind you we sometimes go beyond the average prank..(calling the wife) but it is harmless fun that does not effect anyone else. you play golf and baseball that's cool.. we wrestle in the day room, go drinking, play rugby and pull practical jokes and have barbeque's it is all what works for your station but ...... I am sure you would rather a few guys (and women) laughing and joking around in a little immature way in your station that the above stated wher
  8. so what is next we get a suspension if we fart? wrestling around? teasing rookies, busting balls etc.... all of this stuff was done wayyy before you started and will continue after you leave. unfortunately some people take it to the extreme but the stuff mentioned above is harmless and helps with bonding and friendship... how does making gay jokes to your buddy or pretending to dry hump him affect you.... if this stuff really bothers you you need to leave this profession. do you know how many times either I call a friend gay etc in a day... I just told my partner 10 minutes ago
  9. As said previously if you do not like the f word or nudity you may be in the wrong profession. We are adults and should be able to watch r rated media and say bad words. my co workers like to "bust balls" so to speak, and we call each other every name in the book. And for those who participate enjoy it for those that prefer not to Bust balls we leave them alone and they are content. So if seeing breasts on tv offen you at the station when they guys are watching a movie then here is an idea "don't watch". I agree 100% of not watching porn but come on ! how many action movies are there w
  10. Personally if it was me in that situation ( but hey what do I know) I have two words: VEGAS BABY! Las Vegas would be my choice: 1. Metro area 2. lots of Trauma 3. off shift environment/ down time is awesome 4. large variety of different cultures 5. Great trauma and teaching Hospitals 6. most important (VEgas women) lol
  11. We all work in EMS and get paid not near enough...So running a dating service through 911 may not be a bad Idea, and we can make some extra cash. Press #1 to be handcuffed to Officer Passion Press #2 to have a firefighter respond with his big hose Press #3 to have a specialist in Mouth to _________..! who is with me??? lmao
  12. We are all i am sure, understaffed, need better equipment, better stations, more course and resources etc.... now you think if we were able to discourage 40% of all fakers from going to the hospital and tying up our truck for the transport to hospital etc, do you realize we could probably afford, more staff better trucks and equipment, higher wages and benefits etc. By the time you call 911, get an ambulance and maybe an als truck dispatched as well, depending on your dispatch agreement maybe fire was sent as well, transport to hospital, lots of unnecessary test in emerg for 4 or 5 hours
  13. In a situation like this you have to ask one thing...WWJD "what would johnny do" Johnny Gage and his partner Roy always new what to do. The lessons learned from the genius of squad 51 Could be used every single day...... P.s. not all lifeguards are hot....I took out one and after the date she disrobed and she had more body hair than me!
  14. Hi Guys I am looking for anyone from a volunteer fire dept in prince George county, MD.. I am seriously thinking of applying for one of the live in programs and would like some local info on the fire depts there....thanks Walrus dr_tubby@hotmail.com
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