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  1. Lisa, we don't disrespect our pts. We don't know all the circumstances behind the illness. Plus, its grossly unprofessional.
  2. Dust, thanks for that ti. I have been getting the flash, but have just not gotten the catheter in. Hopefully, this will solve that problem... 8)
  3. Dwayne, I would be honored, if you didn't curse, and thusly bring down your professionalism rating! :twisted: Seriously bro, I am joking. Hakuna Matata! Hope ya had an awesome Christmas!
  4. Seriously, does ANYONE know what "facetious" means?! Does ANYone joke? I know my last thread was locked, but seriously, if you are THAT turned on, that serious about EMS, that you can't even joke about things, then you need the kind of help we are discussing.
  5. Seriously, do it. You will learn WONDERS about what goes on "behind the scenes", and dispatchers, albeit strange creatures, love the company. As for their staffing, it sounds damn near criminal. If you get a serious working fire, that would tie up minimum of one, preferably two dispatchers. I am very sorry to hear of the understaffing. Perhaps you need to bring this to light of county commissioners? Psst. That wasn't me. :wink: Granted, alot of calls don't need L&S response to them, let alone EMS. Just drive like everyone is an idiot, and don't haul ass. There are f
  6. As it was explained before I got here, there is a call taker, an EMD, and then the dispatcher. Call taker (depending on area), is a PD/SO employee, who asks, 911, what is your emergency. After telling him/her that you "need da bambulaance", they forward the call to the EMD. The EMD then collects info, location, nature of emergency, and makes the determination (at least in Jersey) if it is an ALS, or BLS call. If it is hopping, and a BLS call of low priority, they will then give pre arrival instructions, (put pets away, go outside to flag down), and hang up. If it is an ALS call of high prior
  7. Jump to conclusions much? Why not ask me, "well, are they ALS pts?" or, "why do you do that?", or "is that part of the standing orders you give?" C/P, hypo/hyper tension and glycemia get them, as well as "real" trauma pts. No questions asked. Most of my Medic preceptors, as well as myself, have worked in the local EDs as techs, either ED Tech I (EMTs with phlebo, and EKG) or ED Tech II (Medics). So we KNOW what kind of pt will be getting IVs in the ED. Why let the ED do it, when I could be getting the practice?
  8. Please darling, AJ will suffice.
  9. I am so damn TIRED of those uber professionals. IMO, you are nothing but up tight stiffs who need to get laid. Guess what, people curse. I am on a dry spell with IVs, I can't hit the broad side of a barn with a 14 gauge. FCUK! FCUK! FCUK! Get over yourself. This isn't 1955. People curse, get over it. You want real professionalism? Show up early, in a clean, pressed uniform, clean shaven, and a decent haircut, and most importantly, learn as much as you can for the betterment of your pt. Some of the best Medics, EMTs, cops, and Firemen I have ever met curse like sailors. Same with Docs,
  10. No, of course not. I intubate ANYone who says they are SOB. Chest pain from coughing so much from the Red Tide? Thats ASA, ntg, and morphine! Neck a little sore from the minor fender bender? Well shoot, thats a Trauma Alert, RSI, and a helo flight to HRMC, nah, ya know what, make the ORMC, since they are a Level I Trauma Center. :roll:
  11. Yup. We (preceptor, partner, and myself) used it to confirm Benedryl IM doseages on a 12kg pede with an allergic reaction to peanut butter. And since I am a Medic Stud(ent), almost every pt of mine gets IV, (if I can get the fcuking stick :evil: ), and monitor, for practice. Even minor C/P gets a 12 Lead. Better to practice on the well, the the sick.........
  12. Never had a thought that you didn't vocalize? And if I know them, I will call then sweetheart. Maybe its a Firefighter thing, but we fcuk with each other that way. Sweetheart, snookums, honey, sweety, etc. Dont get your panties in a bunch over something so trivial.
  13. I used DFO the other day, and the 2 Medics looked at me like I just admitted I was a Liberal I suppose it is a North Eastern term, since I am in Fla..... for now
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