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  1. Base calling out PD cars' numbers presumably: B1, B2, B3, B4 Unknown unit: You sunk my battleship! ------------------------------ Clearing the scene: PD Car 7: Car 7 will be clear. PD Car 8: Car 8 will be clear. Uknown unit: Push to shock, push to shock! ------------------------------ During a snow emergency: PD 1: You can hear me right? PD 2: What? ------------------------------ More snow emergencies: PD car 1 is speculating about the way PD 2 sounded over the radio: I have no clue what he was saying because he kept breaking up. PD 2: North 11th *static* stuck... *
  2. In my NJEMT-B class we were taught how and when to use them (systolic <90, pulse >120, resps >30, no abnormal lung sounds, no chest trauma; will have to double check my numbers when i get home :oops: ) but none of the BLS rigs I've seen carry them, my squad is just across the river from Robert Wood Johnson Level I Trauma Ctr, as well as St. Peter's University Hospital, and JFK Medical Ctr all close by, so by the time we have the pants properly inflated and package the pt he could have walked to the ER. Other reasons for discontinuing the MAST-PASG included too long of a deflation ti
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