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  1. I'm taking the test today, for my EMT-B. I am excessively nervous about it. Any advice?
  2. The application was for ATT, or Approval to Test. I'm waiting to take my NREMT.
  3. I finished my EMT-B course, and my ride alongs, then got my application in order, and sent it all off. That was 3 weeks ago. does it normally take this friggin long to get approval?
  4. Are you taking the EMT-B, EMT-A, or Paramedic level exam? If you're taking the EMT-B, then I think that NREMT doesn't require a Practical skills exam, just written. Some states do require an independent Skills test though.
  5. jseldon


    Hello all. Just wanted to say hey. I'm still in training to get my EMT-B with NREMT, but hope I can pick up a few things while I'm here.
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