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  1. I'm a 13Bravo Cannon Crewmember in the Indiana National Guard.
  2. Hi guys! Its been awhile. I got back into the military recently and have been gone for awhile. Not really actively working in EMS right now but i'm hoping to settle back in soon!
  3. Kiwi, for some reason they will not let me have a radio that i can talk to dispatch with. I only have a side pager that i can hear dispatch calling out runs. But i can't talk to them. I do have a cell phone but i do not get any signal hardly at all in my area. So i can only get help if i have signal. Another reason why i strongly urge people now to just call 911. Most of the time its in the woods or the middle of a feild and a land line phone isn't an option. Most of the time luckily its nothing too serious but i don't want to keep taking a chance of having another situation like the one i described above.
  4. I live in what many of you would picture when you hear the word Indiana. Corn feilds, more tractors on the road than cars, more corn feilds and you're occasional horse and buggy. Anyway, I'm one of the only EMT's on a very very small volunteer fire department. I'm well known in this town because my family has been here for decades. I get up in the middle of the night and go to residents house with my BLS kit i have in my truck to treat minor injuries that do not require hospital care. The problem is that when i'm called to go treat someone and its not fully controlable by me. A farmer once called me to tell me on of his farm hands had nicked himself. This "nick" turned out to be a deep and very badly bleeding chainsaw accident. I then called 911 and started direct pressure. had to wait for my crew to leave their houses, get to the station and then get out to my location. I love that people trust me but i now strongly urge them to call 911 and let me show up prepared. what other things have you guys been called out to and it was different than described?
  5. As soon as i don't doubt my ability to support her on my own financially. I can't take that big of a step without having my life all together and sorted out. Want to have a place of my own and to not struggle as bad with bills. When i get down on my knee i want her to know 100% that i am fully capable of supporting her. She's a great girl. i feel blessed everyday to have her in my life and a healthy relationship with her parents.
  6. I've been dating my girlfriend for about 3 years now. The first thing i did was establish a good reltionship with her parents. Her father and I are really close. My dad always told me that when i find the girl i want to spend my life with to make sure to be sincere and tell them straight up how i feel about her. Megan and i dated for almost a year and her father and i were in guitar center. i told him that i was in love with megan. to my surprise he put his hand on my shoulder and said "i'm damn proud to hear that, you treat my daughter with all the respect i could ask for". i'm not a father yet but i know i'm gonna put the fear of god in every boy that comes in my door.
  7. we are allowed to take pictures as long as it does not display the PT. Our county ER docs like to have pictures of a crash if the MOI is great enough to need a visual aid would help them.
  8. I lost one of my close friends When I was in the army to suicide. i've always wanted to know what makes people think of the methods. He was severely depressed after returning from Afghanistan. He drank all the time, from the time he opened his eyes until he passed out. One day, he called 911 gave a description of his vehicle and said the vehicle had a wreckless drunk driver operating it. after a short chase drove his car straight into a tree. Dead instantly. Had a baby on the way. survived explosions and bullets wizzing by his head, but couldn't live with the guilt he felt. my stomach knots up at the thought of it.
  9. Thanks for the replies. All of what i've heard from you guys is exactly what I wanted to hear. I have a very supportive family as well tha helps me stay on my feet when I get back from an emotionally rough shift. Though like most of our families they are unsure at times of why i do what i do, they still are proud that i go out and help people for a living. I'm glad that I found this site. conversating about something that means a lot to me with people who fully understand it makes me feel good.
  10. I've only been working in EMS for a little over a year now. I'm still very new and still learning a lot of how te EMS system works. The heartbreak and other things i've witnessed on scene or in the ambulance have made me appreciate my life and everybody thats in it. We've all seen that an everyday normal routine can very easily become the last thing you ever do. EMS has opened my eyes on how precious life really is. We're here one minute and can be gone the next, doesn't really seem fair. But thats how the big man upstairs does it sometimes (I apologize to anyone who is offended by a refrence to religion)
  11. Don't get me wrong, I love my ambulance but I love helicopters as well . The situation on which a helicopter is needed however is never good one. I just find them very fascinating on how they move and how they work. We had StatFlight from Hendricks County, IN land at fire station I volunteer at in my hometown. It was just awesome. I have a few questions for flight crews or anybody else that can answer. 1. Do you take a PT if they are still recieving CPR? They said something about it but i couldn't hear them. 2. They said something about pushing for transporting stroke PT's? Thanks for all answers.
  12. Please come forward and tell what branch you served in and your job you had during your service. I was an 11B infantrymen in the US Army. I was discharged after I broke my knee during a combat training excercise. Besides EMS the military is the best thing i've done with my life. I've gained a lot of friends and lost friends who I will never forget. Thanks in advance for the members who respond to this for your servic to this country.
  13. I heard a story from my department about one of the new hires getting duct taped to the light post by the road where everyone could see him on his first shift, that being said he doesn't work for us anymore. Thats the kind of stuff I meant. I 100% agree that joking around is definantely a must in this feild for a release. Thanks for all the replies and opinions this post. I'm sorr if this post came out to anyone in an assumption that all joking around is bad. i didn't mean to sound cross. i'm probably one of the nicest guys in the world so nobody will ever have a spat with me. just lazy and don't take the time to type out the words to express dialog. lol
  14. I understand. There needs to be good fun in this feild of work. People would burn out way more if the had no way to release all the emotions we gather from our job. i guess i should have been specific when and said when it comes to the person being picked on questions whether he/she can trust his/her co-workers.
  15. I'd just like to take a few seconds and say something that bugs me about EMS and Fire in the aspect of crews. We all love to knock on eachother and give eachother a hard time but I will not do this in EMS period. I want whoever is working with me to trust me 100% and know that I trust them 100%. i don't haze the new guy or knock on him at all. i greet all of them with a handshake and welcome them to our department and tell them i look forward to working with them. Has anybody else had this problem?
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