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  1. Hi all, I'm a California licensed (and NREMT of course) EMT-B with current CPR, work experienced in the EMS field and first responder team guy who's about to embark on a vacation to northern Alabama - Jackson County - and meet up with friends made online. While I am there I would like to get together with EMS professionals and maybe connect, have some chat about work there, possibilities, licensing and their pre-requiste, ambulance driver's tests, phlebotomy etc.whatever comes to mind. Because who knows, maybe I like it that much that I can imagine to relocate and so get a good idea what's going on in my job field of dreams and what to expect re finding employment. Anyone out there in Scottsboro, Huntsville areas who would like to get in touch here and then in person when I am there mid July? Looking forward to connect - Markus
  2. not sure how to say zis but I was raist bi-lingual Dschmeran and yet I get a good giggle out of it
  3. thanks for your response Island EMT .... I posted this to see what people's thoughts are re: what services would you provide when off duty but faced with an emergency, I think I should have phrased my "poll" differently, though curious about if off duty EMS providers go as far as inserting OPA and NPA "privately" when it comes to assist. So whoever still will read my thread my rephrased question is: What do you provide, how far does your first aid go when you encounter an off duty medical emergency? And what supplies do you carry? Thanks Markus
  4. Some say, once you turn EMS you never turn back and there's no such thing as off duty. Different local, state regulations provide different answers to what an EMT or paramedic is legally obligated to do when on the way to work or heading home or even totally off paid duty. Of course as always within ones scope of practice. I apologize if I can't seem to find any postings re: this topic but maybe someone can recall prior discussions and send me over there or answer here, its up to you Thanks! Here's my question - how many of you have a personal response kit in their car, their house that they can grab at any moment, drop in an OPA and get someone stabilized until the on-duty EMS shows up on scene? Bonus question: if your kit does incl. adjuncts such as OPA. NPA - any leads on sources to get them affordable as you won't use them again once you maintained an airway.... Thanks for any leads, links and thoughts - Markus
  5. Hi, I'm Markus - recent grad and certified EMT-B from the SF Bay Area. After I finished my training shortly before X-mas last year I got my appointment for the NREMT in February, passed it and in the meantime also got my PCP attest my health on DL-51 and DMV is working on my Ambulance Driver Certificate application for 3 weeks as of tomorrow. Got a disaster relief / first aid background from the Red Cross and now looking to get hired and advance my urge to help people in distress and need. Looking forward to swap thoughts and experiences, ask questions with all of you - Markus
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