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  1. Just venting like everyone else dust :sign5: I might be off subject but I'm tired of these ******* contest (so to speak) No one in this field should be persecuted for what direction they have chosen. All though there are alot of ''card carriers'' out there ( for those who don't understand the term -emts that hold the card for show & never even volunteer let alone work for an agency .While I'm on the subject The only beef I have with vollies (besides the wacker lights & wearing of numerous pagers even out of the squad) is if your on a volunteer squad . Do just that , don't bel
  2. As you may know a non emergency call can turn into an emergency real quick. It has happened to me several times. I do both non & emergency calls. It seems that there are some here that don't consider certain aspects of this job important. There are alot of people who fasttracked their way through life. Most people started out as vollies or basics.This whole ''para-god'' complex needs to end.....
  3. fyi: my old man n his partner were the ones in that truck
  4. I was talking about the accual company "jersey care"". I just wanted to know if anyone worked for them or about them
  5. I wouldn't complain about 22 an hour when some are only averaging 8- 13 :roll:
  6. I know basically all companies are alike as to rumors, childish bs etc.. I wanted to know if anybody worked for them & what there opinion of the company.
  7. Just doing some research on jersey ems companies......
  8. If you do get the plates be sure your prepared to stop for anything you come across. You come across a accident or something to that effect & fail to stop with these plates you will pay the price.......You don't need lights & special tags on your vehicle to do your job .You have emts out there playing cops just because they have lights & a badge :roll:
  9. Despite what you might hear/be told EMT's are not goffers for ALS.We were not trained to be a taxi driver .There are alot of paramedics who fall under the same things they claim about EMT's.Its true theres alot of EMT's that shouldn't be in the field. It's also true that theres way to many people on a power trip .If people would do their jobs & not worry about whose the best more would get accomplished.Theres far to many rumors & attitudes.This job is stressful enough without all the bs that goes on in the workplace.I'm sooo sick of hearing; "I been doing this for 25 yrs.". Sorry but y
  10. thats from ""grease"" ""I say you have more responsabilities than gettin some girl pregnant""
  11. If more people took there jobs seriously this kind of thing wouldn't happen.The term ""ambulance driver"" isn't the worst thing to call people that: fall asleep in the rig,treat the pt. like dirt,get out of calls because they are(bs),horseplay & not act professional. It takes skills to be a true""ambulance driver"", which we see very little of these days.A reputation isn't something the whole ems field gets.It's a name you make for yourself,you & only you can put that label on by the actions ""you"" alone make.......
  12. I've seen ems show up in shorts .I also see alot of ems workers not wearing gloves.Appearance is a must in any proffesion.The show isn't perfect, it is just that ""a tv show"'. Some people get so anal about the littles things. Thats like believing all ems sleep with eachother :roll:
  13. No good can come from this idea. And Ohio will become the laughing stock of the already pitiful U.S. EMS community. I amung others from the US are getting sick & tired of you & everyone else not from our country putting the US down.If you don't like it or us STAY THE HELL OUT-WE DON"T WANT YOU HERE :roll:
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