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    Syrian Attack

    I was in Iraq multiple times and on multiple occasions we were attacked by people that walked past us. There are no uniforms, no lines. It's a bad situation made worse by a mad man with chemical weapons. Since I got booted medically I've had to watch cities I fought in fall to evil hands and watch my brothers go and take them back. It leaves a bitter taste. This situation will put us in a bad spot, meaning there is no real win, but there is a defend the weak. If we send ground troops the leash better be off.
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    Back in the forum after a several break.
  3. Ban towers lose the phones. The pilot should have done better avoiding the tower. They get paid lots of money to fly safely.
  4. I've dealt fairly well with it. At the time I've been able to tuck it away and do my job, not an EMT yet, but have been exposed to death quite a bit. I've had buddies bleeding next to me, I've had the bodies infront of me, and I've sat on a helicopter landing zone for almost 20 minutes doing CPR on a kid and controlling aircraft, just to have him die the minute we put him on the bird. You need to focus on your tasks at hand, but you're also human and need to deal with it at some point. Dealing with it in a healthy manner is the important part, Dont try to get to the bottom of a thousand bottles of booze. I've seen a few buddies ruin marriages like that. Me I've used multiple techniques. Working out like a mad man, being the 240 pound guy with a beard crying in the back of an armored truck, and did an MMA work out until I was so exhausted I had to sleep. I was dealing with it poorly until my wife threatened to leave me. She pushed me to go and get help. I had lots of issues. Once I started getting help I realized how many outlets I had at my disposal. In short, everybody deals with it differently. Some people will appear to be an emotional stone, some will wear it on their sleeve. I'm generally a sleeve kind of guy but I deal well.
  5. Your coworker is a moron that needs have realize his position in life. As a person that isnt a medic yet, I think you're squared away. Go to as many as you need to. I have no pipe dream of being an emotional void in my future as a medic. I've treated people on the battlefield, I didnt know but the loss still affected me. Also, why wouldnt the family appreciate you showing it. It proved she wasnt just a number or a PT, she was a human.
  6. That kind of what I was expecting to see, but I wanted to see it from guys in the field. Thanks for the feedback. I've already changed a couple patches from my old job over the velco "medic" patch, and I was thinking about having the large velco medic one placed on the back. Good call on the soft body armor. I've worn that a couple times in different spots. It can be comfortable also. As for the ballistics talk. Yes those ones mushroom and slice through things. All while a simple .22 round will tumble through the body and do some other serious damage. Hard body armor (plates) can also create the tumbling issue cause the bullet to ricochet between the plates and never really exit the body. Once again thanks for the info guys. First day of class is 27 Aug. Who has two thumbs and is pumped? This guy!!
  7. Speaking of knowing what to do. I know guys in STL have soft body armor in their rigs. I have my own giving my former profession and its fitted to me, I'm comfortable in it. Here is my question. Do you guys think my employer would want me to remove my mag pouches? I'm also assuming guys wouldnt be allowed to carry their personal fire arms for insurance reasons, even if they were concealed. I understand the scene safety, and using the cops as ensuring safety, but cops are complacent, and what happens when they become the victims? I'm not a gun nut, I just have on and carry it. I would understand them telling me I cant.
  8. I've got a handful of buddies that have started the process to work over there as contractors in my former specialty. As they got closer and closer to signing the contract the salary got lower and lower. Be careful and protect yourself. Lots of shadiness has been coming out of the companies over there. Not al are bad by anymeans. Good luck with it.
  9. Yea my experience was in Salerno. Not KAF. I only passed through KAF. Regardless of all the other stuff, ENJOY IT.
  10. I'm starting at 30. So far all these guys seems very open to all questions!! GOod luck. I'm starting Aug 27th,
  11. The people there dont value human life. While there I saw families bring children that were obviously abused repeatedly. They brought them in for the free food and beverage. These are the kids. The other injuries you'll see are the usual. Limbs blown off completely. Shrapnel wounds. Hot metal flying through the air then getting stuck in the flesh. Dozens of gunshot wounds. Some dumb wounds, cuts from troops messing with them. Bring a hard drive that fits about 300 movies!!! Also while you're there you only have to worry about you, keeping yourself safe, fed, and getting into shape!!
  12. I've signed up for into to the human body. I'm wet behind the ears!! I took A&P in highschool, yea the little kid A&P. Do many ambulance companies and FDs offer TA?
  13. I maybe a NOOB here, but I'm not a NOOB to short notice business for extended periods of time. The only way I'm OK with being gone for 4+ days is because I know my family will be OK. The wife and I are accustomed to this type of life. Its ensuring every moment I'm home and ensuring that moments like those dont completely obliterate my family.
  14. Thanks everybody. I'm feeling the subtle hint about the A&P class. My wife said it also. She is at IDMT school right now and is loving it. I tried taking a BIO or my A&P but they're all booked up here at CSN. Sounds like a common theme as far as making sure I get what I'm comfortable with. There are no vol depts near by since I'm in Vegas. As soon as my wife gets orders which is most likely to AK or MT I'll be getting on a Vol dept in that area. I cant wait to get started and chase this career. It seems as though the private sector may have more maturity than the military. Dont get me wrong, I've enjoyed my 10 yrs, working with all sorts of folks, but there was a common theme. I may sound like an 18 year old kid, but I'm amped about this chapter in my life. Once again, thanks for the insight. I'm sure I'll be posting all sorts of stuff in here in regards to gaining knowledge. Dwayne when were you a J? JD
  15. After 10 yrs of active duty with the AF, I'm finally going to EMT school and testing for clark county FD in NV. Start my classes in Aug for the fall semester, then EMT-I in spring followed by Paramedic in a year. I was a call firefighter was I was in college, a short lived experience, then I enlisted. My wife is AD AF as a medic and at one point, I had done more emergency type care than she had. There was one incident that has driven me to this choice, and it continually pushes me. I cant wait to get started and learn. I'm looking into buy some decent boots and I'm open to all CONSTRUCTIVE advice. I've been the military for 10 yrs so I know I should expect some harassment. My dad had some jumpboots that zipped up the sides, but he was also a FF for 34 yrs. I was looking at Bates, 5.11., and Rockys with zippers. What are some of your favorite boots, pants and any other good to haves. Thanks John
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