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  1. From what I gathered by surfing around the net, even if you live on one of those compounds things are still fairly strict to muslim law. The dress code may be a bit more casual but not by much, especially for women. With that being said, I've talked to a couple guys who really enjoy it out there with their families.One guy even compared the compound he and his family stayed on to living in San Diego. Not too shabby sounding to me
  2. It seems there is some aggreeance among the posters that I may have jumped to a defensive stance a bit hastily. Though, I don't fully agree with this assessment, I do acknowledge that my view on something isn't always the correct one. I took your comment as shot at my character, Island, which is something I'll defend fiercly. I apologize to anybody I may have unknowingly rubbed the wrong way. Consider panties officially unbunched. Oh, and Oreos over Chips Ahoy any day of the week, Captain
  3. Mike, could you elaborate on what my total post count has to do with anything? Yes, I am a "rookie" to this forum but I am not a rookie to life or to knowing that questioning someones character at the drop of a hat is a poor way to handle yourself. There was a misunderstanding when it came to my comment but not enough of a misunderstanding to bring it to the level that Island did. I simply came to this forum to learn more about EMS in other parts of the world and I have done that thanks people like yourself and Island taking the time to spread their knowledge. For that, I thank you both. But neither of you have any ground to stand on when it comes to claims of alcoholism or cultural insensitivity. I have made no insensitive claims to any person, group, or culture in any of my 6 posts and have no intention of doing so in the future. I enjoy learning from other cultures and finding better ways to live life through what they teach. Though, I don't always agree with some aspects of different ways of life, maybe even to the point of me not wanting spend a significant amount of time in that culture, I still respect them and how they choose to make their way in this world. Lastly, being proud of what I have done for my country harldy makes me self righteous. I make sure to mention that others before (and after) me have sacrificed much more than I ever had to, which in itself makes your self righteousness claim invalid. If Island did serve before me then I commend him. If he didn't serve at all I still don't judge because I haven't walked in his shoes. But I do know that self righteous is much more fitting to what Island and yourself have presented in your last couple holier than though posts. Perhaps you two should look in the mirror before throwing out questionable and unfounded accusations. With that being said, I look forward to future interactions with you guys if you feel you can put this whole misunderstanding behind you. If not, and the only thing you feel you can bring to a conversation is mudslinging then quite honestly I have no desire to hear from either of you again. Be safe out there
  4. I guess I need to emphasize that my decisision is not solely based off of alcohol availablitly. Perhaps the slight hint of sarcasm around that last statement was hard for you to pick up via forum post, Island. But just the same, to imply someone may be an alcoholic based off of that is both irresponsible and closeminded on your part. I do enjoy a good beer from time to time. It helps remind me about the tasty freedoms that I (and many before me) fought for. Thank you for your concern but perhaps those at the AA forums would better receive your pearls of wisdom
  5. Thanks for the info guys. The more I find out, the more I'm thinking Saudi isn't the place for me. I mean no beer allowed? That's crazy in itself
  6. Anybody got experience/opinions on working in Saudi Arabia as a medic? I've heard some good things and some bad things after reading through other forum posts and would like to hear some more takes on it
  7. Dwayne, no offense taken at all. That does sound like the contract being offered. Though, I have been to Iraq with the military, in some aspects I am a bit "touristy" right now because not only am I new to contracting, but I also understand that Afghanistan isn't Iraq. Throw in the fact that I don't know anybody that's done contracting like this to bounce questions off of and it makes for a not so great situation. This is why I'm on forums bothering good guys like yourself for information haha. So in your experience, you would say that things are more dangerous out there now then in the past? I know that anytime you enter a combat zone there is going to be a certain level of risk involved but of course there's things that will either increase/decrease that risk (less time outside the wire, location, etc). I'm trying to get more specifics from the recruiter but it does sounds like the position will involve a good amount time away from base. This is one of my first contract offers so I don't have much to compare it to. I've basically been putting a lot of lines in the water the last 2 months and waiting to see what bites. I hear Saudi is a good balance of pay/safety. Safety is a big consideration to me (and my girlfriend) but I'd be lying if I said the idea of almost tripling what I make right now isn't appealing to me
  8. Kat, I'm with you on the lack of Afghanistan knowledge. I'm pretty sure they love salsa dancing there, though, so I would definitely make sure to bring all of my Ricky Martin cds. Dwayne, the contract is for about $135,000 a year and it is in Kabul
  9. I was recently offered a position with Global Strategies Group as a medic in Kabul, Afghanistan. I was just wondering if anybody has had experience with either this company or as an Afghanistan combat zone medic, and if so, how was that experience? Thanks all
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