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  1. i don't particularlly like the ipad even being of this technology generation it gets in the way of things . i think personally.
  2. i agree with the vicks that works the best i find on a very stinky call.
  3. This is a very hard situation to be in because your not sure what to say ... but you do the best you can to console them an tell them your doing everything you can to help them.
  4. I have pink shears ... but they are from Gall's i spent bout 10 dollars on em an i keep then with me an they havent gotten stolen yet
  5. i spent about 80 dollars on my boots an they were worth it .... i got mine from Galls work wear .... but i cant remeber the name of them but they are a womans boot
  6. my squad gave me turn out gear an a jumpsuit as far as other things i got a tee shirt if they had my size a polo an patches for the jumpsuit and that was about it beside a pager an a tag for your car if u asked for one
  7. i definatly agree with the overhaul of emt because ive experienced some from the patient side of things and some can be very hard to deal with an they can be rough yes they know how to do their job but with little empathy ... an as far as guidelines go they can be so confusing of what an emt can an cant do
  8. i know most places where i am some are paid an most require a emt cert as well as a fire fighter cert ... thats for paid firefighters around where i am because its hard to come across in nj
  9. I took EMT - B while i was in highschool and i know that now with my college load i would definatly suggest A+P either 1 or 2 , because you do get brief overviews of that in the course . umm really any kinda health science class might be helpful but good luck with all of your classes As far as clinicals went they didnt cost me anything , it was 10 hours , either in the ER or i had the option to ride with medics ( which i would recomend cus that helps a lot) you just have to get a TB test .
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