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  1. My EMT class is starting in about two weeks, are there any last minute things I should do to prepare for the class? Or any advice for preparing for the class?
  2. Has anyone owned a jeep liberty or a ford explorer sport? im buying a new (used) car and im between these two.

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    2. tniuqs


      check out crash ratings on both best advice OR look at a Toyota :>)

    3. Happiness


      toyota are rust buckets ;) the jeep is your best bet

    4. tniuqs


      And the resale value is $22 a ton for a domestic POS ! LOL

  3. HAHAHA I love the responses to the original post, so just to clarify, we AREN'T going to be on TV? lol
  4. My application for the spring EMT class was approved and I am offically regietered for the class!

    1. tcripp
    2. scollins1191


      Thanks! I was almost positive i was getting into the program its just nice to know that it all came together without a problem.

  5. My application for the spring EMT class was approved and I am offically regietered for the class!

  6. Thank you all for the advice it helped me a lot. I may not be able to take any other classes this semester just the EMT due to financial concerns, I am hoping i can figure something out to stay a full time student, if not I will be working full time either way I am going to have a full schedule. That being said, what exactly is a clinical, when do they start and how much time do they consume?
  7. Thanks, and I`m thinking fire science but i was also interested in law enforcement.
  8. If you have your pic or your real name it would be wise to at least watch what you post. In one of my fire science classes we were discussing how many employers now look online for any social media profiles. Needless to say the guy with the beer and a lampshade on his head is automatically at a disadvantage from say someone with a family photo or even something like a car. On the other hand I see what Dwayne is saying. If you say something online or not you should stand behind it. Just know that what is done online will stay with you...forever.
  9. Hi all, I am starting an EMTB course in January, I am also going for a degree. I`m not sure if I should take any other classes while I`m in the EMT program. Has anyone else done this with good or bad results? Any advice would be very helpful.
  10. I was on Google reading the news and the firs story was "Cain denies sexually harassment" I went on two hours later the first story was " Cain admits to settlement in harassment case". lol
  11. I`m back! not sure if anyone missed me but in case you did I was moving.

  12. I`m back! not sure if anyone missed me but in case you did I was moving.

  13. I absolutely agree. I probably should have specified that I think it is an individuals responsibility to not consume or limit consumption of products that are unhealthy, or harmful to them.
  14. Well what kind of sandwich are we talking about here? lol
  15. We have all been there...lol On another note, I can see what the state was going for. I`m not saying I agree with it, but the government and health organizations have been telling everyone for years and years fast food in unhealthy and exercise is good but people never listened. So now they are trying a different approach. kinda like some of the laws that have been talked about for putting pictures of cancerous lungs and mouths on packs of cigarettes. That being said they should maybe put pictures up of a clogged artery or some other problems due to obesity but people may complain about th
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