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  1. Well i have to object to the last comment. In my experince with volly i have learned alot and i got to see how i respond under pressure. Its a big difference when ur dealing with a real GSW than just training in class. Since my job search has been less than fruitfull as of yet it seems more productive to be riding the bus than to just stay home watching T.V. or something. Also since i first posted this I have found a crew that is motivated to go out on calls.
  2. you guys talk like its so easy to get into FDNY. Im just volunteering until i can get into FDNY. I think vollies are a great way to get exp. & learn the ropes & hopefully I'll get hired before everyone else that was too lazy to volunteer & can't even fill out a PCR or 800 a bus
  3. It seems like you guys arent that fond of VAC's. Rookies got to get experience from somewhere.
  4. well it was my fault for trying that turn but the other car was speeding. and yes i didnt learn alot. i never thought it could happen to me just like the patients think.
  5. I was in a car accident on friday. Don't worry i wasnt hurt aside from a slight contusion on my left arm from where i was T-boned. I work as a volunteer EMT. I wasnt really looking for jobs in EMS just yet because i already had a paying job and the $10 an hour didnt sound like something i was in a rush for. But recent issues at work made me realize that it really is time to move on. I guess that's the stress i was feeling when i got on the road friday night which distracted me and i made a stupid mistake of trying to make a left from the far right lane. Which is something that i would never
  6. well in my company we try to beat FDNY to the call. they all know us so sometimes they'll show up but let us transport. we also listen to police radio and we'll get to call before FDNY. but like i said some of the crew are just playing games so i need a more serious company.
  7. I've been volunteering at a local volunteer company in brooklyn. Lately I've began to realize that I'm not getting the best training that I could be. Mainly because most of the time the crew just seems to want to hang out instead of going on calls. Which is a shame really because in that part of brooklyn we get alot of GSW and other trauma calls. So i'm just wondering if anybody here might know which volly company might serve me better in NYC?
  8. Always carry a change of clothes. A good ipod and red bulls.
  9. the truth is that if the results come back in less than a month, its probably a letter saying that you failed. So if your still waiting its a good indication that you passed.
  10. Well since first writing this post I've dealt with my first gun shot. I must say i held my nerve pretty well and I realized this is where I belong.So medic school isnt far off for me.
  11. Thanks for all the input. No i dont plan to stay a basic for long. I wrote this cause im hoping that i dont have to be a basic for long.And that is true most people that tell me to be an EMT for a little while are still EMT's themselves.
  12. Im just trying to plan ahead cause I want to make this work. Im new in the field and not sure how hospitals rate candidates. I noticed that to gain experience as EMT-B before becoming a medic is a common held wisdom I hear often. Yes i plan to go for the 2 year degree when i do start. My plan is to just take alittle time to really see if i can handle this type of work. Also how does the clinicals defer from riding the bus?
  13. I just finished my EMT-B course and started at a volunteer ambulance company. I want to become a paramedic. Of course I know that you first have to be an EMT and then later become a medic. I just want to know whats the best time frame to stay an EMT before becoming a medic? Its not like Im trying to rush to the front without paying my dues, but im 28 years old and i want to have enough time to maybe one day be an RN. So I feel like I dont have time to waste. My chief told me that i should at least re-certify at least once before going into a paramedic program. I even work with guys that ha
  14. I appreciate everyones insight. I understand that im new to this whole field so i hope you all forgive my inexperience. Im not looking for any shortcuts im just looking at what foundations i need to build. Im gonna look into the prerequisite courses needed to become an RN and check to see if their part of my Paramedic training. At best i think being an EMT-B should expose me to the medical field and i could study in the down time.
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