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  1. Yeah I mean thanks for the number, after all it got my question awnsered but I mean it's responses like that, kinda pushed me away from here. It's like why should I come here? It used to be if I even said anything on here I would get my shit jumped, hell I gotta say it's a lot better now days, no one is yelling at me though a keyboard. I asked because I didn't know so i asked and my question was awnsered but like Dwayne said why tell me not to ask?
  2. Well I know the last time I called NREMT I got a lady with a extremely heavy Indian accent to the point I couldn't understand 90% of what was said. But the lady I spoke with today wasnt that way.
  3. Well callee the number you left, talked to some lady. She awnsered my questions but one thing didn't make sense, apparently practical exams are only good for one year therefore I shouldn't have been able to take my last test. But she awnsered my questions and I found out I have until July 31st to pass so at least I know it now, thanks for the help guys.
  4. Well guys the whole registry process has utterly kicked my ass, after my third attempt I said I was done but now five months later Id like to try again. I don't know how exactly how a couple things work now, one is my completion date was July 1, 2011 so how much longer do I have which leads me to my second question. Does the two year date reset if I do a refersher course or is it I have to years to pass the NREMT and after that point you have to take a whole course again? Probably some dumb questions but honestly I don't know and I don't know where else to ask. It's embarrassing that it's take
  5. Ive never heard of JB learning, ill look into it though. I just dont get how well i did in school and all but me and two others in my class have gotten their licence and are in the field. I had a 94% in the class i was 5th overall just dont get it. Also interesting ill look into it as well
  6. Hi everyone, Having some trouble jumping though the final hoop to get into the field, the NREMT exam is whooping my ass thus far. My first attempt I didnt study much at all I had just graduated basic school so i figure i would be ok, test felt good and it shut off at 94 to my surpise i was below passing in everything except operations which i was near passing. I took some time and study harder then I ever had (not cramming I took two and a half weeks to perpare) with a book my mom found for me to try. Questions were tougher this time but still it felt good but it shut down at 74, i was belo
  7. Class at 6 tonight

  8. I can understand that but Im not about to let crotchity say something that is just flat out wrong and go unchecked. Homosexuality is NOT a mental illness and i do not care if ive sounded like a hypocrite on this post because thats just wrong. Just because something is not for everyone doesnt mean its bad or wrong.
  9. And that is pertty much what I told my friend as well. I said if a a lawyer wants you bad enough you had better belive hes gonna get you in the end, but he dont belive me.
  10. Im being intolerant of intolerance and ignorance whats wrong with that?
  11. Ok i see it now, can you see how I misunderstood you though? My bad dude didnt know you was going after crotchity should have figured that though.
  12. Im not sure who else it could have been directed at though.
  13. Or is it possible that you are just being a grammar nazi? The world will never know. I dont have spell check for starters, I wrote it, didnt proof read it and posted it then i saw the error after it was posted but I cant edit the OP. There isnt a little "EDIT" button at the bottom of the post like there is on the replies. But be real dude, you most likely use the spell check feature of the City all the damn time, I dont have that luxury and if you didnt you would screw up spellings too, we all do, its nothing to be ashamed of just how it is. Its just petty that when someone asks a legitimate q
  14. ok, to the OP, I think that it was one of two things. One they wanted to make you feel like a sterotype to open your eyes and in which case it worked or Two it was a horrilbly racist thing, Its hard to say what it was but you just got to shake it off and focus on class and not let this bother you too much even though it was very uncomfortable as I can understand. Good luck to you. You have a point that everyone is racist to some extent but what in the hell does having sex with a black women have anything to do with that . Ive dated 3 black girls, a latina and tryed my dammedest with
  15. My bad on screwing up the spelling of HIPAA, i realized it right after i posted it and I cant seem to edit my OP otherwise it would have been fixed. Me and Dwayne had a talk about this the other day Anyways it was the "R.I.P Old Man" that got to me, this same guy was called to assist my grandpa when he had his final heart attack and was unaware who he was until later that day when I said he had died. Had he posted something like that about my grand dad I would have been very pissed. He is losing sight of the fact that that "old man" was someones son, someones dad, someones grandpa ect ect
  16. Ok I need some EMS opinons on this, my friend who is a volunteer fireman and I got in to a arguement about this the other day here is his status from facebook: ".....it was pertty cool i got to assist with CPR on a medical today, wasnt much we could do (R.I.P old man)...." I said since we live in a town of 2,000 thats odds are you have one of his family members as a friend on facebook and you could get in trouble for that though the HIPPA laws. He blew me off and said that he couldn't get in trouble and that hes been doing it for longer than so basicly I dont know what im talking about,
  17. Don't sweat it dude, no harm no foul. You have a vaild point it just came across a bit strong. I didnt want to say anything back to that since you have given me and many others alot of helpful advice on here ya know, it was a respect thing, I didnt want to question such a good member of emt city. But the thing about this dude is that he does this in front of his superiors and nothing is done about it. Im very happy about my schooling, im learning alot and im beginning to help people a little bit alreaady and i love that but i will never work there if a guy that like can be there for 5 years. T
  18. I would do that but some people (including a few of them girls) knew him before we started school there, guess they are just used to it ya know "oh thats just how he is" attitude so he gets away with anything and everything. It would cause more problems I think thats why I came here instead of my teacher. He lives up to every american sterotype that I know of, no joke. Luckly he isn't instructing us other wise it would be a cluster f--k everynight.
  19. Ok I have to vent on this, I know this dude who works as a basic for a private ambulance company. I noticed the first time I met him that he has the worst outlook on life ive ever known and he has a total lack of compassion for paients, bed side manner and professionlism. Just the other day he bragged about responding to a unconcious drunk whom hes encountered many times in the past, who was laying face down in a pool of vomit. Instead of turning the patient on his side he let him lay their face down on the sidewalk intil PD arived, he didnt so much as check his vitals since he was a "hopeless
  20. Hi all, Im 3 and a half months into my 6 month EMT-B class and im really beginning worry about the national registry test and the practical exams at the end of class. I have a 92% in the class as of now but i just feel lost at times, others i know who have taken emt-b or emt-s classes say that it just clicks after awhile....well it hasnt really clicked for me and im beginning to wonder if it ever will. I mean there are some people who are book smart in the class but in the field i think they would be a danger to patients, themselfs and others, i dont think im that way at all. I know what
  21. i got a pair of jungle boots online for 29 bucks after shipping on combatboots.com , they are modeled after the ones US troops wore in vietnam, i havent used them much since they don't come with soles but they look nice and they are cheap.
  22. to emsgirl911, Dont let the old timers get you down but at the same time take into account what they are saying. I kind of got peer pressured into this business as well since most of my friends are either in the army or are firefighters, i was basicly the only one not doing some kind of public service. I had to look and look for a class finally i found one. Its not though a college but a emt licence is plenty good enough to find work where I am. Ive been told about the bad, shitty pay, long hours, burnout, hell a paramedic who was supposed to help teach my class stabbed himself to death o
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