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  1. So i start school on the 31st for EMT-B.... I need boots for school, so i went boot shopping and you can get a pair anywhere from $50-200... I know i dont need anything wonderful for school however, i dont want to spend money on boots now then turn around and buy boots again after school is done that will just cost more money in the long run. So i am trying to figure out a good pair of boots i can use for school then out in the field... What does everyone recommend? Also zip up or non-zip? Slip no slip so on... Thanks everyone
  2. You'll do fine! Study hard, relax, have fun, keep coming to the City...see..easy, right?


  3. Starting school for EMT-B the 31st super excited!!!!

    1. emtcutie


      good luck, study alot, and of course hae fun :)

  4. I have been an Emt since Jan of this year. If you have any questions ( no question is stupid) ask away

  5. Hi, my name is Charla and i am going to attend Orlando Medical Institute in January. I am very excited and happy I found this site. I am sure i will have tons of questions most of them dumb to the rest of you lol. I look forward to chatting and sharing with all of you. Have a great Holiday Season!
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