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  1. Yeah I mean thanks for the number, after all it got my question awnsered but I mean it's responses like that, kinda pushed me away from here. It's like why should I come here? It used to be if I even said anything on here I would get my shit jumped, hell I gotta say it's a lot better now days, no one is yelling at me though a keyboard. I asked because I didn't know so i asked and my question was awnsered but like Dwayne said why tell me not to ask?
  2. Well I know the last time I called NREMT I got a lady with a extremely heavy Indian accent to the point I couldn't understand 90% of what was said. But the lady I spoke with today wasnt that way.
  3. Well callee the number you left, talked to some lady. She awnsered my questions but one thing didn't make sense, apparently practical exams are only good for one year therefore I shouldn't have been able to take my last test. But she awnsered my questions and I found out I have until July 31st to pass so at least I know it now, thanks for the help guys.
  4. Well guys the whole registry process has utterly kicked my ass, after my third attempt I said I was done but now five months later Id like to try again. I don't know how exactly how a couple things work now, one is my completion date was July 1, 2011 so how much longer do I have which leads me to my second question. Does the two year date reset if I do a refersher course or is it I have to years to pass the NREMT and after that point you have to take a whole course again? Probably some dumb questions but honestly I don't know and I don't know where else to ask. It's embarrassing that it's take
  5. Ive never heard of JB learning, ill look into it though. I just dont get how well i did in school and all but me and two others in my class have gotten their licence and are in the field. I had a 94% in the class i was 5th overall just dont get it. Also interesting ill look into it as well
  6. Hi everyone, Having some trouble jumping though the final hoop to get into the field, the NREMT exam is whooping my ass thus far. My first attempt I didnt study much at all I had just graduated basic school so i figure i would be ok, test felt good and it shut off at 94 to my surpise i was below passing in everything except operations which i was near passing. I took some time and study harder then I ever had (not cramming I took two and a half weeks to perpare) with a book my mom found for me to try. Questions were tougher this time but still it felt good but it shut down at 74, i was belo
  7. Class at 6 tonight

  8. I can understand that but Im not about to let crotchity say something that is just flat out wrong and go unchecked. Homosexuality is NOT a mental illness and i do not care if ive sounded like a hypocrite on this post because thats just wrong. Just because something is not for everyone doesnt mean its bad or wrong.
  9. And that is pertty much what I told my friend as well. I said if a a lawyer wants you bad enough you had better belive hes gonna get you in the end, but he dont belive me.
  10. Im being intolerant of intolerance and ignorance whats wrong with that?
  11. Ok i see it now, can you see how I misunderstood you though? My bad dude didnt know you was going after crotchity should have figured that though.
  12. Im not sure who else it could have been directed at though.
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