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  1. I am only two weeks to the day away from finishing my Advanced-EMT school. I will be taking the National Registry in about a month from today. I have a quick question. I know that it isn't adaptive like the EMT-B test was. However, of the 135 questions, do you have to get a 75% or higher on each of the varying sections of different questions (like EMT-B) or is it just like a normal exam and you just have to get 75% total of all questions pooled together as one? Thanks! ~Caleb (EMT-B)
  2. I'm a month away from NREMT for EMT-B. I've got all A's in the academic portion of the class so far and feel confident in the skill sheets we've practiced. Splinting is still new to me but I'm getting the hang of it. I'm from a nice suburban town outside of Atlanta and was wondering if there's any other EMTS, students, or Medics that work in this state. Cheers, ~Caleb
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