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  1. At least twice a week, my partner and I get a call an hour before our end of shift For CPR In progress in a nearby park...one of our local homeless persons finishes his second bottle of Vodka around that time and goes to sleep...his girlfriend always tells someone in the park that he is dying, and yet again one more innocent good Samaritan initiates CPR on this guy. (shaking my head...). That guy always has one or two broken ribs, but always has a smile on his face when we load him up to go to the ER. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. Hey everyone, I need to giveaway a 110 shift on the 27th of November...it's up on EPro.

  3. some days are just not long enough!

    1. spenac


      Some days are just to long.

  4. So it's finally cold outside...snow in the Sierras! Had the very BEST summer of my life and can't wait to see what the winter brings!!!!!

  5. is all freaked out because my partner says he hears footsteps on our station roof at 0100...who says things like that???!!!! Now how am I supposed to sleep? I will get him back soon!

    1. Happiness


      put pepper in his boots and his feet will start heating up lol my nefew did this to his stepdad

  6. really really hate change...but confident that everything has a reason. Now I need to resolve to find the patience to wait to see what that reason is.

  7. done with everything!

  8. Just 60 hours and I am outta here, no phones, no pagers and nothing but wide open space! Yay! Can't wait to see what next week brings.

  9. thank you to all for the birthday wishes...I asked for thunderstorms and they have been delivered! I am off to the Sierras to take pix. I Iove you all!

  10. Ahhh, soaking in the spa after a 16-mile backpacking trip - but the photos were so worth it! Can't wait to share them!

  11. This has been a long-standing legal battle between the county and city over several issues, not about anyone screwing up or any battle between any of us in the field. The overall issue has gone back several years and is now just coming to a head. There are many articles in the archives of the Stockton Record regarding this subject if anyone is interested. http://www.recordnet.com/ It's basically about who is going to receive the incoming emergency calls first and who governs ALS FD in this county. SFD apparently has a disagreement with the County EMSA and maybe there will be a reso
  12. Just 3 more shifts before I get to find a mountain and serenity at 10,000 feet! :)

  13. As a medic who works in San Joaquin County (including Stockton), AMR has had the transport contract for some time now. Stockton FD has been an ALS service for years, and at one time did transport as well, but after AMR won the RFP for this county in 2005, AMR took over sole transport in Stockton, Lodi and Tracy. Until September 1st of this year, Stockton FD still performed ALS services except for transport. We shall see what the future brings.
  14. Can't wait for the next adventure in the Sierras!

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