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  1. =oD thank you, that is great advise.. I'm planning on taking it again, I just have to find a time to continue studying.. I just moved away from home to college and I'm starting my first job along with classes. I think after everything calms down in the next few weeks I'll start studying again.
  2. Thank you. I feel more confitant about this. I will pick myself up and study harder. An NREMT study book would probably be helpful too. Thanks
  3. Go ahead, You're never gonna take me, You can bend, But you're never gonna break me, I was yours, I'm not yours anymore,Oh, you don't own me -Disciple, Dear X

  4. I don't know if Kansas has just a state certification.. That would be cool if it did. My instructor pointed me towards the NREMT.
  5. So I took my NREMT last Saturday only to find out this morning that I failed.. I took my EMT class through my high school and can't say that they prepared me to take this test at all.. Though I suppose making up excuses for why I didn't pass doesn't help anything. I was the best student in class which means nothing now.. I was also top third in my graduating class which means nothing. I suppose this really opened my eyes. This is real world stuff not high school anymore.. It has also made me question my eighteen year old self's competence and maturity. What patient wants an EMT that can't even pass her NREMT exam and is just straight out of high school? I suppose next time I'll work harder and study harder. I might even wait until I'm older and a little wiser. Thanks for reading. I like advice
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