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  1. And I was censored because I hinted that I might sleep with white women, as a joke, but whitey couldn't handle it.

    1. BushyFromOz


      You were probably censored for being a moron mate

  2. Well I do not know what the market is like in the Chicago area, but from what I can tell in most of the country it is nearly impossible to get a job as an EMT-B. So unless, you know someone that is hiring, I would try these tactics: 1. Go back to where you third rode, see if the crew you rode with will put in a good word. 2. Consider one of the wheelchair van/dialysis companies and go to work there, or find an ambulance service that provides that service and start in that division. 3. Consider dispatching as a way to get your foot in the door. 4. Volunteer somewhere so that you ca
  3. This prank was way over the edge, but hazing is part of coming up in the fire house, if you take it away, you will destroy the commroderie that it later produces. I do not condone any activity that puts someone in harm's way, but simple practical jokes and hazing are great stress relief. We used to cellophane the urinals, so when the EMS alarm woke the firefighters at 3am and they got up to pee, they would end up wetting their legs.
  4. You are at the young stage of your career where you need to spend alot of money on "stuff" that you do not really need; much like when you were a teenager and needed that $500.00 car stereo that busted your eardrums. So, I would purchase: 1. A complete jump kit for your car, including PPE for when you stop at accident scenes, an inexpensive stethoscope, glucometer, and B/P cuff. 2. Scissors. 3. A good reflective safety vest for accident scenes.
  5. There is no one "generic" answer that will encompass all patients, but I typically tried to find what they cared about, and then turned that into a reason not to committ suicide; ie.... their children ---- "how do you think they will feel when they learn what you have done ?". Whether super intelligent or dumb as a brick, it usually seemed to work.
  6. what is your pain management protocol for sickle-cell patients, versus those with fractured extremities
  7. You are all Re-TARDs. If you are a male waitress, you may not be able to be hired at Hooters, but in any town that has a hooters, there will be several other restaurants you can work at. In most towns, there is only one Fire Department or at best a county fire department and 2-3 city departments. Take your hoods off, douse the crosses you set fire too, and realize that as whites, you can not speak to something you have never experienced --- discrimination.
  8. Thank you ruff, for making my point --- the stereotype is always accurate, RIGHT ?
  9. Sorry doc, a 100% black fire department is my dream, but it will never happen
  10. No, blockbuster will be dead within 5 years. They would already be dead if Netflix had not pulled their bone-headed stunt this month. It gets better, the guys are actually appealing thier discipline: http://www.13wmaz.com/news/article/145275/175/Five-Firefighters-Challenge-Discipline
  11. Well we can speculate on both sides all day, neither of us have true statistics, but if you believe that there has only been one qualified female candidate in just that county, and the surrounding rural counties that border it, IN 40 YEARS, I believe it would be you that would be asinine. I worked for a rural county with a population of 6k in the whole county, and they had 4 female firefighters, and 3 female EMT/medics. I guess the entire gulf coast is uterine-free. And you should know better than anyone, firefighters dont take jobs for money, they take them for benefits. But by all mea
  12. You apparently have not been to Panama or Destin in years. Panama is covered up in high dollar condos, the redneck riviera has changed to one of the top beach destinations. Every city from Mobile AL to Tallahassee is larger than Marianna.
  13. Thanks Dwayne for the compliment. ER DOC, I would choose Direct TV with the DVR. They have over 600 movies and TV shows on demand that come free with the DVR, plus pay-per-view, and in the near future you will be able to see movies currently playing at theatres for $9.00/each.
  14. No, when I was a student the internet was not invented, but i would not have walked into my local ambulance station and questioned how the pros did something that I had never done.
  15. Really, Really, Really ? You honestly believe one woman and one black person have applied in 40 years ? That is some serious denial !
  16. Do you here that swoosh, it went right over your head. I said the gun between his legs (meaning penis), this guy is dressed like you think black people dress and act, hood clothes, holding his dick, shooting people for no reason. Like I said, this is a white crime, but they made it a black guy.
  17. So thats the best defense you can come up with, NO statistical proof ? Do you have to see a white count to diagnose an obvious ear infection ? But if it is stats you want, I will provide them: http://www.fizber.com/sale-by-owner-home-services/florida-city-marianna-population.html In this city: Women outnumber men (52.94% of population) Blacks make up 40.16% of the population (almost 4 times the national average) And they have 1 woman and 1 black There is no way to know how many/or what type of applications they receive, as no employer publishes that or is required
  18. OK Doc, I will go read this book http://www.abebooks.com/American-College-Emergency-Physicians/author/3267275 then come into the ER and teach you how to treat patients. Students are entitled to have opinions, they just shouldnt voice them until they have some real world experience.
  19. Will gladly help you doc, the "shooter" is dressed as a stereotypical negro from the hood, and feels the need to hang on to the gun in his pants as much as he does the gun that is shooting. My people do not usually shoot up the workplace or a fire station, that is a white crime.
  20. I was being sarcastic, of course I am glad to see that they have a black officer (since it is more rare than an alive T-Rex). AK, I will gladly dismiss your argument/statistics. Your stats would be meaningful if only the people who lived in the town could apply, but that is not the case. This town is located very close to the top tourist destinations in Florida, so there are thousands more people just a county a city away. I frequently lived over 50 miles from my employers, and if you were employed at one of those big touristy towns, where would you want to work your part-time job -- a sma
  21. A student's opinion is totally irrelevant. Run 1 call before you have an opinion !
  22. Yes I did see the token black to match the now token woman and was pleased. Lets change it around so even those with hoods on can understand. They hired their 2nd white guy in 40 years ! Do your excuses still hold ?
  23. Do you guys really believe that only 2 women have applied in 40 years ? Come on, really ? Really ? Really ? White people are amazing in the lengths they will go to cover up their discrimination.
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