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  1. I know the LA County lifeguards provide the paramedic services on Catalina Island. Quick bit of research suggests that Okaloosa County FL and Virginia Beach have Paramedic/Lifeguards and that New Hanover County NC has some sort of swimming paramedic program. EDIT: Almost forgot, AMR in Portland puts EMTs and Paramedics on the Columbia River on a seasonal basis
  2. Check this out Kentucky Revised Statutes 75.160 Yeah, all of em.
  3. Holy crap, really? Hasn't the urine filled up the sarcophagus by now? Probably be hell to pay if he can figure out a way to get out of the thing before he, you know, drowns and all that.
  4. So, in Pinellas the municipal fire department responds first with an ALS non-transport ambulance and sometimes a fire truck alongside the Sunstar PUM people? But in Hillsborough the fire department responds and either transports or turfs calls to private BLS? :roll: I used to live down there but it was like ten years ago and I wasn't paying a hell of a lot of attention to this sort of thing.
  5. First, a request to everyone. If you're talking about an ambulance could you please say so? Because a "rescue" could be an ambulance, some sort of pickup truck or a 70,000 pound mutant fire truck with sixteen reciprocating saws onboard. It this case it might be one of those stupid "squmper" things. It's just another localism. Now, please note the sections of the paragraph below I've highlighted through the use of bold text. Oh, oh, I know, I know, let me answer! Fire them all on the spot, then sell the ambulance to someone who might actually use it properly.
  6. I figured as much. That's where most of the interest in the guidelines seemed to be coming from. I've noticed those wall mounted things popping up in airports and (I think) a shopping mall or two.
  7. I hate to be an ass and I don't want to encourage this idiocy, but is this in fact so, at least from a federal prospective? I understand that the FDA published a draft regulation in 2003 that would have restricted the emergency non-prescription use (sale really?) of oxygen to actual emergency entities but as best I can tell it wasn't enacted. I haven't been able to find the docket on the FDA website or the new federal docket system. As far as I can tell, prior to the aforementioned proposed reg the FDA did allow non-RX sale and use but mandated that that tank be labeled with that "For em
  8. I haven't so much as flown over Oregon, but I like this one a lot. Let's see, accreditation and degree information on the front page, links to pages with application procedures, prerequisite courses, curriculum info and instructor bios with relevant information. Looks pretty good to me.
  9. I've heard this a couple of places but nobody has identified the third state. Anybody know anything? Oregon, Kansas and ????
  10. That reminds me, they have a special recruiting program for qualified RNs. I don't think they have much use for EMTs though.
  11. How in the hell would his lying improve anything? I don't mean to sound like I'm praising the guy, let me be clear, maybe he's a fire department yes-man jackass, but it sounds as if you're critizing him for the modicum of truth in the dalmatian crap. Again I ask you, how would his being consistantly bad rather than rarely, rarely, sorta OK improve things?
  12. Dunno about billing but Google says Grand Canyon; Grand Teton; Yellowstone; Yosemite; Death Valley and Denali do or have done so at some point. An outfit called Medcor runs a couple of clinics inside Yellowstone.
  13. I guess you could try to get one of the portable crew cylinders, wouldn't be such a pain to deal with. Neither the crew cylinders in the back nor the passenger masks have a very high flow rate, something on the order of 2 lpm, maybe 4 for the portables.
  14. :roll: Everybody's favorite reactionary whackjob Nancy Grace is apparently going to be "investingating" this tonight.
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