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  1. This is pretty cut and dry. No, someone with a communicable disease or (even congenital or heriditary)*some conditions* should not be allowed in the industry. as mentioned before, first do no harm. also refer to hippocrates oath. anything in society can be looked at as discrimination,but when it boils down to it, a patient's safety and wealth shouldn't be jeopardized even more because of a providers current illness or disease. the public utilizes the EMS system when they are ill or an emergency has arisen. as providers as a whole we need to be in shape,healthy and able to preform our duties.
  2. If you get to pick where you go for practicum then you're pretty lucky. From what i've been told you go whereever there's a spot
  3. weather,at times can be a scene safety issue and in this case @-35 it would be. you need to get that pt out of there and loaded in whatever get to the nearest hospital. load,go,stabilize. my question is why isn't there a paramedic or nurse onsite? in this case,every ounce of chance is critical...
  4. i just had a huge glass of LMAONADE
  5. sounds like a waste of money to me.
  6. I don't know how this yahoo got through the cracks of the system,but it happend and it's not good. Man pretended to be a nurse at Winnipeg hospital for two years By THE CANADIAN PRESS WINNIPEG — Health officials in Manitoba are investigating the case of a man who did not have the proper credentials but worked as a nurse worked for two years at a Winnipeg hospital. Seven Oaks General Hospital discovered the situation in December during an annual review of nurses’ licences. Cathy Rippin-Sisler, chief nursing officer for Seven Oaks, says the documents the man gave t
  7. Calgary last year,pushed approx 120,000 calls during 2007.
  8. student or bank loans. EMTCITY will not pay your tuition. kthnxbai.
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