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  1. Proper on.

    weather,at times can be a scene safety issue and in this case @-35 it would be. you need to get that pt out of there and loaded in whatever get to the nearest hospital. load,go,stabilize. my question is why isn't there a paramedic or nurse onsite? in this case,every ounce of chance is critical...
  2. C-Spine For Penetrating Injuries

    A gunshot wound is a form of high velocity trauma. Irregardless of if their neurological response has a deficit,or if they are remarkable on your assesments,I would still suspect a spine injury. When that bullet enters,or any object for that matter enters the body,we as EMS providers don't or can't really detect for a true spinal injury (we suspect). Unless possibly you have xray machine in the back of your unit? I don't know where PHTLS came up with this,but i'd seriously like to find out. A patient who was shot would be collared,and put on a board just like a patient who was just involved in a collision and is walking around upon the arrival EMS..... If you suspect,especially from the mechanism,take every precaution. 1.You would be covering your ass 2.If the patient does have injuries,then you might have possibly prevented something from further occuring. Maybe as my clinical experience is broadened,I might change my views, but for now anyone who has suffered something involving a high mechanism injury or velocity for that matter,will be immobilized and put on a board.
  3. first responder teaching scenarios

    I have an issue with first responders teaching first responders. No disrespect to the person teaching, thats like a PCP teaching another PCP and the person teaching hasn't even worked a day on the street.... I think it's pretty unfair to the people(students)in the classroom setting because anyone can teach out of a book. It's not just first responders that this happens with, there are a few institutions that i'm not going to bash but,they have EMR's,EMT-A teachers who haven't worked a day in EMS. Do you think it's right?Honestly...So Johnny just came out of PCP school and now he's going to open up his own "EMS" school and teach whoever he takes in for his "intake"...Johnny has no street experience. Should he really be teaching?Talk about a complete revenue grab :roll: But anyways, I don't think its fair to have instructors who have NO experience to be in a class in the teaching enviroment. This goes for cpr,first responders,PCP's,ACP's,ACLS whichever...... my opinion. good call on "not reading the topic". My bad
  4. first responder teaching scenarios

    if you really want to know why i think first responders shouldnt teach,then pm me. im not going to post here.
  5. first responder teaching scenarios

    First responders shouldn't be teaching period.
  6. Epi in NJ

    Epinephrine is an ALS drug when your talking about actually drawing up the drug into a syringe and slapping a needle into somone. Pre-loaded EPI pen jr's are BLS and assist only. Atleast in this province anyways.
  7. Fentanyl vs Morphine

    fentanyl is 100x more potent than morphine apparently?lol :?:
  8. I don't know why,but lol jesus

    no really, LOL
  9. what would you do in this situation as a EMT-B

    No valid DNR? Then the code gets worked. Grandson?What kinds of medical qualifications does he have to be making calls on who's dead and who isn't? Family wants the pt transported?Is that all?Bottom line,DNR isn't signed by the physcian. Assess ABCDE.neurological response,blood pressure. Agressive airway management. lights and sirens. call for an ALS intercept. Asystole on the monitor?hmmm. Was a shock advised?Continue CPR?possibly?no?yes?....hmmm
  10. what would you do in this situation as a EMT-B

    Yeah,forget protocols and "official crap." I hope you don't make it into Paramedicine.
  11. Happy Birthday MEDICNORTH

    Paul, Hope you have the best poker,beer and tits nights ever tonight!! and remember, GO FLAMES GO! lol
  12. Inter-facility transports

    I'm partial to this statement.....
  13. Inter-facility transports

    Here for interfacility transports within the hospitals,you need to hold a Primary Care Paramedic Cert from an accredited school or hold an Advanced Care Paramedic cert from an accredited school..... other than need a class 4 license,immunizations,NAPD,BTLS,registration with the College Of Paramedics.