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  1. Hi everyone, I am Just about to finish my second year as a PCP student and I am trying to decide if I should go directly into the ACP program. These are the reasons why I want to take the ACP program: 1) ACP has always been a goal of mine since I since I started my studies 2) I have excellent grades so far in the PCP program and feel it would be beneficial to go directly into the ACP program with my mind still fresh with knowledge. 3) It is very hard to get a full time job as a PCP in southern Ontario. I would hate to work part time as a PCP and part time at Mc Donalds after al
  2. Hey everybody, I just got accepted into college for the paramedic program and i was just wondering if anybody knows how good these colleges are for the program. Here is a list of the schools i got into Durham Georgian Centenial if you have been there id love to know how it was thanks Jeremie,
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