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Texas at it again

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Well, okay, thanks. But isn't that what everyone in those jurisdictions necessarily does?

I guess the original statement was to contrast the idea that you should definitely buy a gun because you'll be automatically safer.

This concept (though not you as its messenger) offends my ideals.

Well, while I'm at it, is bicycling a privilege? What about skateboarding? Speed-walking? Wrestling with your kids? Pro-Wrestling? Tennis? Carrying a sign on the street? Posting an angry message? Grrrr!

When I was in drivers ed class, and in the California Drivers Handbook it is made explicitly clear to us that driving is a privilege. Well, in the CDH it's not explicitly stated, but if you read it, the phrase "driving privilege" is commonplace, while the phrase "driving right" is non-existant. This is probably because some people told them to write it that way.

The best official explaination I can find on why it has been decided this way is here:

Driving is a privilege not a right. When the safety of persons using the highways is

jeopardized by unsafe driving, it becomes the duty of the State to take away such

privilege. You will protect your driving privilege by complying with the traffic laws

and by following safe driving practices.

I think it's also important to note this:

http://forums.realpolice.net/showthread.php?t=34904]You have the right to drive anywhere you want. It is a privelige, however, to bring your motor vehicle onto public roads.

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Yeah, you know why its so hard to find a good basic? Because the very best are called paramedics, that's why.

Wow, paragod complex much?

I would say that the 80% of workplace murders occuring by outsiders is probably about right, because if you think about it, a lot of convenience stores are workplaces, and a lot of them get held up and Achmed takes a few rounds to the chest.

Don't you get kicked out of the Liberal Club for ignorant statements like that?

I guess I'd rather have 100 innocent, law abiding citizens on their way to work mugged than one innocent person shot to death.

Which pretty much proves that you are completely closed to any ideas on the subject outside of your own bleeding heart, tree-hugging hippy mindset. Besides, "A liberal is just a conservative that hasn't been muged yet."

Okay, so the general consensus here is he is swinging a knife, shoot him. Double tap to the chest. Completely justified. Boom. Dead. End of story.

Now lets back up. Lets say you retreated. Walked out of the store with everyone else. Then the police came and subdued him with beanbags. Then they found out his blood sugar was 20. Oooops, that crazed man swinging a knife was really just a hypoglycemic who skipped a meal. In this case, retreating was the right thing to do. I didn't say he was advancing on you, I said he was yelling and swinging a knife. You were the one who advanced on him, and now you just killed a guy because he skipped a meal. This is exactly why I am against these whole right to stand your ground BS laws, because they leave people dead. Nice shot though, I'll tell his wife and kids how well you grouped the bullets. Double "tap" to the chest, oh, wow, that is so cool. Stop watching CSI Miami.

Oh, and just one more thing. Lets say that during this disturbance, after you have your gun out, I come around the corner. Up until this point I had my headphones on so I was unaware of what was happening. All I know is everyone is screaming about something in Aisle 3. Now I'm also armed. I come around, and I see you, pointing a gun at I'm not sure who. Will I be justified after I put a few rounds through your vital organs? When you yourself are laying on the ground, bleeding to death, will you forgive me?

Sorry, no dice. Any idiot can make up a story that proves their own point.

Personally, I don't think gun ownership is a fundamental right, but a privelege that rationale, responsible individuals can enjoy.

Let me guess, with people like you deciding who gets to "enjoy" their "privelage"? Sorry, the Constitution says otherwise, in spite of 200 years worth of attacks from gungrabbers like you.

However, having a good knowledge of violent crime and I think a better understanding of human nature than most,

"I wonder how many times I can say 'I'm smarter than everybody' in one thread?"

Am I getting through to anyone here?

Nope. We see you for what you are, while your prejudiced mind sees us how the DNC tells you we are.

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