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Hello, everyone, Richard B the EMT here on an overdue visit.

Hope you and your families have been safe from the CoViD 19, and you have not lost anyone from your teams. As I'm now almost 9 years being medically retired from the FDNY EMS,  I'm relatively safe. None of my family, around the country, have been affected, but in the last month, I've lost at least 10 colleagues in the New York City "Tri-state" region, 3 of whom I used to work with, or under their supervision. 

You know the drill. If dispatch, or you and your partner(s) are the least suspicious of a call, not just the gloves, but the full PPE. Wash your hands, wash your gloves while you're in them, wipe down anything you can think of, including the ambulance door handles, and the keypad that lets you into and out of the Emergency Room. Try NOT to bring the Pandemic home with you to your family. 

If you're having issues, talk with your Employee Assistance Unit people, by whatever name they go by in your agency. If unavailable, there are several Emergency Psychiatric services available around the country, available 24/7/365. All religions train their men and women "of the cloth" in counciling, which is an available service to be considered. Here in NYC,  we just lost an ER doctor and a 3 months on the job rookie EMT to suicide. None of us want that of our coworkers,  or they of you. 

Although it's slow in coming, there will be an end to this Pandemic. Come that time, even with me not being a drinker, I will go to a bar for a beer in salute to my comrades around the world, active and past, and to those no longer with us. Until then, I'm going to continue sounding my car alarm, and ringing my cowbell (been in my family so long, don't remember a time it wasn't in the house) every evening at 7 PM. 



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